(Huawei P40 Lite/5G Aurora Store the unofficial FOSS client to Google's Play Store!

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Nov 5, 2020
Alohaaa Community,

I know a lot of you have or are planning to buy Huawei devices without the Google Services, like: Play Store, Youtube, GMail etc., that's why I decided to write this article and let you know, that there exists a better life without the Play Store. Why? Simply, because there aer already a lot of alternatives, like: Aptoide, APKPure, APKMonk, Aurora Store etc.
Alternatively I recommend you Aurora Store! Here a short instruction how you can use it to get your favorite apps with it, without needing the Google Play Store.
First, you should download the official APK, which you can find right here >>> h***s://auroraoss.com/downloads.php
After you get to the page, simply tap on the Download button from below the Aurora Store. After this, the app download should begin and you will be able to install it (If needed, enable the "Unknown Sources" from the settings, which will appear instead of the "Install" button for the app).
In one other way you can find the "Aurora Store App" by searching with the "Petal Search by Huawei"!

Well, defining it briefly would sound like this: "Aurora Store is the unofficial FOSS client to Google's Play Store, having an elegant, concise and fresh design, from where you can download or update apps". Actually, this is just a short description of the app. It can be used with or without Google Mobile Services installed on your Huawei device. You can search for apps, get details about what each app tracks and what permissions it needs, about its size, reviews, the address of the developer and much more. Aurora Store spoofs the information about your phone/tablet, the language, the region and makes available apps that aren't allowed or available in your country. Below each app page, you can also find a button, which will bring you to the apps that were developed by the same author. The number of apps is enormous!


I always prefer the anonymous login, because it works just like having an account ;)
I've been using the store for almost four weeks now almost daily and so far i can't find any problems - so far i've also found all the apps i need on Aurora! Personally, I see the Aurora Store as a real alternative to Google Play and its intrusive services! in the past, one always looked to have as little as possible installed on the smartfone from Google's site.....



Feb 1, 2016
To be honest, this app is the best alternative app to use. I have been using this app probably for 2 months now.. its really good. Only problem is that when you update apps you have to manually install them.. Like the click to install button

Yes but there is no synchronization of photos and contacts with this solution


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Jan 1, 2010
I use only Huawei AppGallery, F-Droid and Petal Search, managed to find and install all the apps that I want.

Without GMS, I can still sync my Google Calendar and Contacts without any problem by using CalDav/CardDav sync.