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Huawei P40 Pro eRecovery offer EMUI 11

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Jan 12, 2021
Hello Does anyone have a solution please?

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    My previous build was ELS-N29 and no EMUI 11 for me through regular channels (Settings/System & updates and Support App), so i decided test update through eRecovery and voilá, now I have EMUI 11 build

    I followed these steps:
    1. Boot into Recovery, USB cable connected to the device and to the PC/Charger, with device switched off press VOL+ and Power ON, maintain both pressed till you see the Recovery, then select "Update mode".
    2. Select "eRecovery mode".
    3. Select "Update and recover system"
    4. Select "Download update and recover"
    5. "Enabling Wi-Fi..."
    6. "Connecting to Wi-Fi network..." select yours, add password and select "Connect"
    7. If the "Downloading Package..." is EMUI 11, wait till the all process ends, in case is not, then you can cancel and restart the device.

    - Takes a little bit longer "verifying package..."
    - During update you'll see "Recovering system", Do not remove the battery or storage device. !!!
    - Data partition won't be wiped.
    - If your are not happy with EMUI 11, because you still with Android 10, not 11 as I have expected, HiSuite_11.0.0.500_OVE offer a rollback to EMUI 10.1.0, in my case for ELS-N29, BUT this time the data partition will be wiped.

    * ATTENTION: YOU are choosing to install this firmware at your own risk.
    * I do not take responsibility for any problems with your device.
    90% Battery, and on charge, WiFi connect. View attachment 5171893

    This is what happens once you downgraded your firmware using hisuite proxy. Software updates are now broken.
    EMUI 11 does not come for all areas at the same time. And not for all models.
    In time, it will come for everyone ... probably (for the announced models)