Huawei p9 and p9 lite selfie stick

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Senior Member
Sep 14, 2013
I didnt expect such question on XDA forum...

But without laughing from that question, I can say, that: ANY selfi-stick will work with ANY device, including P9.
Starting from cheap Chinese ones for 2Euro ending in Carbon-fiber Porsche branding stick(yes, you can get such thin, Porsche is well known from branding every possible gadget, even snow sled for kids...)

All those selfi stick use minijack connector for camera trigger button, rest is cheap telescopic pipe with phone handle... its not space technology...


Apr 11, 2009
It is a little bit of science here.I have a low cost selfie stick but it doesent release the sutter on my huawei p9 and my girlfriends p9 lite,or the iphone 6 thru the jack.
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