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Jul 8, 2016
Hey guys. what is up?
I am Naxi and I just bought my P9+ two days ago. I am posting this thread because I need your help in order to get Skins for the P9 Plus to be manufactured by Dbrand.
Basically, for those who do not know what skins are, they are just stickers which you place over your device in order to customize it even more (visit this site to understand what I am talking about -

I want to get my own, but unfortunately they only have skins for the regular P9. I emailed them requesting a Skin for the P9 Plus and they replied by saying this:
"Thanks for reaching out. We’re still on the fence about supporting that device. We haven’t gotten enough requests to begin prototyping and production immediately, but we’ve gotten enough to still have it on the table as an option.
If and when we do decide to support it, we’ll be sure to let you know. Email us back if there's anything else we can help with!"

Basically, if you are interested on these skins please take 2 minutes to send a skin request to Dbrand by going here: . In the category menu you have to select "Skin Request for a new Device" and then fill in the rest.
Thank you in advance
Kind regards.

PD: Here are some pictures of phones which already have these skins on


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