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Dec 28, 2009
Alright this is the only thread I can see related to this phone.

My friend dropped his phone and broke his screen, however the phone still boots up and when he connects it to the PC he can access the files available for access such as documents and the such. Anyway apparently he has been using his U8860 without a google ACCOUNT.

CAN I boot into download mode or something and get his contacts out for him? He really wants his contacts.


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Apr 9, 2013
Hello guys, I wanted to ask if there is a patch to make the downgrade from B322 Emotion UI to B924 ITA,or you can do it without patch?


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Feb 6, 2012
Hello guys, I wanted to ask if there is a patch to make the downgrade from B322 Emotion UI to B924 ITA,or you can do it without patch?
i am not sure but i think you have to downgrade to b935(B937? my memory fail actually).
then you downgrade with downgrade patch and the go back to b919...
someone correct me if i am wrong...
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Jun 23, 2012
Chino Hills
Does anyone have links to an overclocking kernal that dont violate the TOS? The ones from the front have been removed. I'd really appriciate the help, and thanks in advanced.


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Dear MODs, Is It really neccessary to remove the links? People are looking to XDA because they want support. But what kind of support is it? No Honor section (although it has quite good support) to share ROMs and Guides. And when somebody shares list of available roms, you delete it. I know that some pages require registration. I know it's against XDA rules. But is it really neccessary to be so strict? In my oppinion XDA stuff should make users' lifes easier, not more difficult. Thanks
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Mar 30, 2018

excuse me my name is rainier im using huwei u8860 for 6 months i try to upgrade my huawei u8860 to Huawei U8860 -r V100R001C121 B961 Turkey Turkcell if you have this firmware can you give me the link pls because when i try to put a custom recovery it getting bricked i try downgrade patch and other firmwares but nothing of them works pls help me!!!!!

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    Welcome to the Huawei U8860 Honor / Honour / Glory - Index!
    (please treat this thread as dev-thread, it is part of a dev-forum, not Q&A)

    Please don't PM me for support, I will ignore those requests - they are just too many and I'm not getting paid for that, I'm not huawei support. Just ask your questions somewhere in the forum, but in my opinion this thread is really not the place for it, since this is a developer forum and not the Q&A section. That's why xda-developers adds restrictions to post here for new users - to prevent this to be a Q&A-Forum. Please Try to ask your questions in the appropriate Q&A-Section of the xda-developer Forum.

    Different versions of the Huawei Honor
    There are two feature differences that I am aware of:
    1. Number of Touch-Points: 2 or 5; I have 2 touch-points and with B977 my ProjectMenu just printed "synaptic" as touchscreen version, with B919 it states "synaptics-TPK.6"
    2. Position of Huawei Logo on the back: in the top-left corner (china / russia?) or in the middle like this:
    3. It seem's there are versions without a camera? at least user limzm states in his signature his U8860 doesn't have one.

    Backup & Recovery

    In my opinion the first and most important thing when playing around with different ROMs, is the ability to backup and restore the phones ROM & state.
    For this you need a custom recovery (which you will also need to flash custom ROMs, so you might only skip this if you want to only flash stock ROMs)
    1. If you're on an 2.3.6 ROM, then possibly for this to work, you first need to flash a different stock ROM. There have been reports that with 2.3.6 the method below may not work. Also some newer ROMs like B923 and above have locked boot loaders, the latest ICS ROM that you can use for this is B919
    2. NEW: CWM with touch-support: MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    3. OLD: download recovery-u8860-en.img from here MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    4. make sure there is no directory named "dload" on your micro-sd-card - if there is, rename or remove it.
    5. Turn off Fast-Boot, and shutdown your phone. If you don't know how to turn off Fast-Boot, pull the battery (it can be found in different places in different ROMs)
    6. Press and hold volume-up, volume-down and power-button at the same time.
    7. You should now see your phones screen pink (="pink screen mode")
    8. Now connect your phone with an USB cable to a computer
    9. A few disks should be mounted, search for the one that has an "image" folder with an recovery.img and a boot.img inside it. rename the recovery.img to recovery-bak.img (or simular) and copy recovery-u8860-en.img there and rename it to recovery.img
    WARNING: Don't use the file recovery_v8.img which is referenced in a few other guides. It crashes and leaves you with non bootable phone-states and/or with unfished backups which cannot be restored.


    Stock ROMs (& leaked stock ROMs)

    Stock ROMs (or leaked stock ROMs) can be flashed like this:
    1. Download and unpack onto your micro-SD Card like that: /mnt/sdcard/dload/UPDATE.APP (some ROMs also have UPDATE_CUST.APP, copy it to the same place. If you're update has a second dload_cust (or the like) folder, you need to flash it in a second round just as the first one, by renaming it to "dload")
    2. Turn off Fast-Boot, and shutdown your phone. If you don't know how to turn off Fast-Boot, pull the battery (it can be found in different places in different ROMs)
    3. Press and hold volume-up, volume-down and power-button at the same time.
    4. If everything above was done correctly, you should be able to watch your phone upgrading now.
    Alternative: Some ROMs have an option in the settings that lets you start the upgrade-procedure without step 2.) and 3.) from above. If you can find it, you can use that one.

    You can find stock ROMs here:

    a comprehensive german list of stock ROMs can be found here:
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    (thanks to user det-happy for pointing it out to me)

    The most important Stock-ROM in my eyes (as base for most custom ROMs there are) is B919, find it here:
    or here:

    Root and Google-Apps for Stock ROMs
    NEW: Rooting method for stock ICS B919/B923/B924 (and perhaps others older ICS)
    For people running linux on their computers, I've created an adapted version of this root tool:

    OLD: Theres a nice guide explaining how to root and flash+enable google-apps here: (but don't take the recovery from there but from above. explanation also above) - only use this if the new method above doesn't work for you.

    Custom ROMs

    To flash custom ROMs:
    1. download their .zip file and put it somewhere on your sd-card
    2. boot into your custom recovery: turn off phone completly, then Long press volume up + power button (for installation of custom recovery see top of this post)
    3. factory reset / wipe everything (not always necessary, but to be on the save side. Some ROMs will not work in some cases if you don't wipe first, however the other way round is also possible, there are custom ROMs that will NOT work if you wipe, best look at the instructions from where you downloaded the custom ROM..)
    4. flash update zip -> choose zip from sd card.

    dolmatov94 CM 10 Version 0.9.5 (2013-01-13)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    newer versions, look at:

    Da_Nya v2.4 [with sound mod] (2012-12-30)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Da_Nya v2.4.1 (2013-01-09)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    CM 10.1 (Android 4.2) from 4PDA (posted here by user tuanshungf 8th February 2013)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Another list of Cyanogenmod ROMs can be found here (German):
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    This ROM seems to be quite popular, but before deciding to use this, think about if you really wan't to support guys that treat the open-source community like **** by violating the GPL (by not publishing their kernel sources)
    Stable Versions: MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    Dev Versions: MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Mixture of ShenduOS and CM, with Android 4.2
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    FrozenPika (CM10.1, Android 4.2.2, based on ShenDu) GAPPS Integrated
    Posted here by user "vTIMv" on 5th March 2013, 08:58 AM - found it on, uploaded 3rd March 2013
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Android 4.x MIUI ROMs
    WARNING: most MIUI-ROMs have SMS-confirmations turned on by default, which costs extra with many providers (like mine..) so check it before sending your first SMS and turn it off
    Sadly, these ROMs have serious RAM-problems, multi-tasking was quite impossible the last time I tried one of those (any app I tried to put into background was imediatly terminated)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Android 2.3 MIUI ROM
    Creator doc3000 posted it here, have not tried it out
    WARNING: user paul89rulez informed me that you can loose your IMEI by flashing this ROM, you can find a IMEI backup app here: MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Lists of other Custom ROMs
    • MOD EDIT: Link removed. --> chinese u8860 forum, contains ROMs, but also other stuff concerning the u8860
    • MOD EDIT: Link removed. --> chinese u8860 forum, contains ROMs, but also other stuff concerning the u8860
    • MOD EDIT: Link removed. --> an incomplete english index of the chinese list below
    • MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    • MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Custom Kernels

    I found a custom kernel that adds the option to overclock up to 2GHz. I'm used it running at 1.8GHz and it didn't seem to be any more unstable than before ;) (I'm using the MIUI ROM which is a little bit instable all by itself already)
    MOD EDIT: Link removed since you need to register to download the kernel, I also attached it MOD EDIT: Link removed to make it easier for you.

    I also managed to build (and deploy) the 3.0.8 kernel sources provided by huawei myself, see
    With the help of the writer of rvoix I managed to adept our kernel in a way that rvoix works, but for the moment only mono so both parties mixed together in one channel (but recorded from the line, not only from the mic like most apps do). I attach the kernel that works with rvoix: View attachment boot_voc2.img.

    Or for people wanting to build their kernels themselfs, here's the patch:

    UPDATE: Since our kernel sources don't work with B919 and later (non functional camera and wifi) I decided to go the other way round and modify the rvoix app to work with our kernel instead of adapting the kernel to work with the app. Here are the results: --> call recording that should work with all huawei honor 4.0.3 ROMs!

    Various pointers

    Adapting Chinese ROMs

    Reading chinese sites
    People who don't use google chrome or the chromium project (yet) probably don't know, that it has a really nice built-in translating feature, thats very useful for finding your way arround all these chinese (or russian) websites, and much better then using (or other such services) manually with other browsers.


    Silent Huawei camera (ICS)
    I was annoyed one day by all the noises the huawei camera simulates. Therefore I investigated and found out how to make it silent.
    If you're interested, see

    Enabling logcat output on huawei phones
    If your on stock ROM its quite easy, just dial *#*#2846579#*#* and enable logging in the project menu
    For custom ROMs, I got a link from paul, but I didn't try it:
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    another site about enabling logcat on huawei devices:

    Sorry guys, but there won't be any updates by me anymore. I've moved on to Sony Xperia Z. The notoriosly low memory problem finally did it. (And Ingress)

    There's a newer list of custom ROMs here:
    Fresh roms for huawei honor u8860

    ####### LIST OF FRESH ROMS FOR HUAWEI HONOR U8860 #######

    [4.2.2]CyanogenMod 10.1 by GUNDUL46 [10-10-13]
    Only JB ROM to have no known issues so far.
    Thread Download

    CM 10.2 [herna ..dated 29-09-13 ]
    Known issues :
    Video Recording

    @ MOD ROM
    chk post

    Slimbean 8.0 [4.2.2]
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    Known issues :
    Dailer issue

    Alin@ Mod V2 [clear edition] 4.2.2 .. also see patch
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.
    Known issues :
    Bluetooth doesn't work
    Random Reboots sometimes

    PAC-Man ROM Version 4.3 [Hera]

    4.3 BEANSTALK [24-09-13]
    Thead .. Download

    xMIUI [Based on CM9]

    BaiduCloud v5 [4.0.4]
    Download & Disucssion
    Known Issue :
    nothing specific.
    Many users has complained about bad RAM management

    ### Some older versions ###
    Slimbean 7.8 [4.2.2]

    CM 10.1 [herna]

    beanstalk 4.2.2

    AOKP for Honor [4.1.2]

    Official MIUI
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    ############### Mods ##########

    ClockworkMod Touch Recovery v6.0.3.6
    MOD EDIT: Link removed.

    Turbo Boost




    Note : Incase if i had missed any ROM plz PM or quote me
    cm11 4.4.2 dev display fixed?

    hi all.
    i might have found the fix for screen resolution....
    coming from shenduos github...
    i am building rom for the moment...will upload for test...

    feed back would be appreciated on that point....

    thanks! :highfive:
    cm11 4.2.2 honor/u8800pro no-dev front news

    now we can take pics. front cam and other one.and they are saved on sd. no green glitch..:silly:
    but canno't for the moment record video .cam is fc when i try.
    i am right now finishing a build with some fix about that may be by herna...

    edit cam doesn't fc any more now when i try to record video , but still record video don't work

    TODO: fix record video and fix wifi
    more progress on beanstalk 4.4.2 (same for cm11) u8860/u8800pro

    sd card is fully working..
    usb connection ok, sd card show on pc.
    gallery apk now, show pictures and videos etc...
    appollo apk also show musics and album....
    Torch apk fixed...
    sound is back...
    still missing ....wifi---ril---and camera...
    just for testing purpose....
    do a backup before to flash... you might loose imei...