Huawei Watch 1 - Android Wear 2.9 update received!

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Nov 16, 2007
I just bought a used HW1 on ebay and so far, I am really liking it. I was wearing a LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and it had the Wear OS 2.17 on it too. The battery life was great on it and still is. I have never set a watch for always on or even ambient mode to save the battery. I have noticed that once in a while my HW1 will use more battery than at other times but I think it is from me trying out different faces I have created and the loading of the faces puts a strain on the battery.

You mentioned using Sleep as Android on your watch. I was thinking of trying that as I have been tracking my sleep habits with a Samsung Gear Fit 2 at night but I like the extra features I read about with the Sleep as Android app. I would be interested in hearing your views on that app if you wouldn't mind sharing them.
it's fine. I don't really know what I'd want out of a sleep tracking app, I started using it a few years ago along with a number of other lifestyle changes but I can't say I pay too much attention. it's a habit, and it does make me aware that I usually need to get more sleep, but if I stopped using it tomorrow I don't know that I'd kiss it much. that said, there are tons of features, it's constantly being updated and the dev is super responsive. as far as sleep tracking apps go I don't think there's anything that compares.
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