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HUGE MsgQue files in Windows Directory

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Jan 19, 2003
Watford, UK
Hi All,

I'm having a small problem with my XDA and the pocketpc2002 system.

there are certain files in my windows directory that are gorwing out of control. It has already taking up nearly half of all my internal memory and growing by about 50kb every day.

I dont know how to stop it from growing, nor can I delete them, as they are in the windows diretory and are locked. The files all begin with
"MsgQueueDataFileMicrosoft " and have the following after it...

Broadcast Message SMS Protocol (Receive Only)
Notification SMS Protocol (Receive Only)
Raw SMS Protocol (Receive Only)
Status Message SMS Protocol (Receive Only)
Text SMS Protocol
WCMP SMS Protocol
WDP SMS Protocol

As I said these files are taking up about 15MB of space at the moment and If I dont get rid of them soon, I will probably have a serious system crash.

I need someone to confirm the roles of these files, what their typical size should be, is the normal, and what to do to correct it.

A Hard reset is not what I am hoping for... please help..



Senior Member
Jan 24, 2003
Prague, CZ
Well, the answer doesn't satisfact me, those files are not in ROM neither in RAMdisk, they seem to just be loaded in RAM as programs (they are dlls). I renamed one and restarted the phone, another one was created with the original name. The content never changes.
I wonder what they are here for...


Jan 19, 2003
Watford, UK
It doesnt satisfy me either...

I cant beleive anyone in Microsoft would develop apps to hog 15MB of storage memory.

I have a good mind to do a hard reset just to prove the point...