Hype Smart Watch (possible U8 clone)

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I picked this watch up from Wal-Mart for $20, thinking it's a U8 clone. The internals seem the same, it seems to operate the same, but I'm having issues using the FlashTool to back up the rom.

Clearly, it runs some kind of watered-down version of Android. I want to sideload two specific apps onto the watch, as I'm going to use it as the functional portion of a tricorder replica. I want to load the old Moonblink Tricorder app (must be found online, not in the Play Store anymore) and the LCARS UI (available from the Play Store).

Anyone have any insight on how to sideload to this device or how to modify it so it's running a more familiar version of android?


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May 13, 2019
Hype hy ttcm to u8 clone?

Did you ever figure out if the hype watch would be hackable. I can't find anything anywhere. I'd love to put a new os on it so I can have apps on it and send text messages and ect. K