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I bricked my pixel 4a and its not turning on

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vedant j

New member
Jul 25, 2021
I mistakenly downloaded and attempted to flash the latest factory image for a Pixel 4 (5G) to my Pixel 4a.
My phone is now stuck on a black screen and I'm unable to boot into the bootloader so that I can flash the correct factory image.
The device does some to be on in some fashion as when I plug it into my computer windows alerts me that it's setting up a USB device.
i dont know what to do ?
please help me as i saw in one of the threads you had the same problem so please can you help me


Senior Member
May 5, 2007
Amazon Fire TV
Google Pixel 4a
It's worth a shot to try the stuff in this thread - maybe you luck out and have better results:


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