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I Can not spoof Android device with xposed framework

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New member
Jul 31, 2021
Even after 5 days of trying I didn't manage to spoof an Android app. My configuration is: Lenovo Vibe P1 (P1a42_288_160721_ROW) + ROOT + TWRP + XPOSED. The thing is that android APP somehow tracks me and I get ban immediately. In Terms & Conditions is stated, that this app tracks: device and device identification number, device IMEI country IP address browser type and version operating system Internet service providers advertising identifier of your device visitor identifier I tried following modules but with no success: Device ID Masker, Android Device Info Viever & Changer, Hijack Suite, Phone ID Changer, Serial Number Changer, ID Changer Exposed, Exchange User Agent Faker. Donkey Gunard didn't work on my Lenovo nor on Xiaomi because of Force Close.

As for me, the best is Device ID Masker because it changes almost everything (I have a PRO edition) and it was updated few months ago. But even using this nice module wasn't enough to solve my problem. The APP somehow tracks me and I get ban everytime I try to sign up.

  • every time I use a new phone number which is 100% unused in that app
  • every time I change my IP
  • every time I change Google Advertisement ID manually and all available values in Device ID Masker
  • every time I clean Data and Cache and after that I restart my phone
  • every time I spoof all values for all available apps, even system
The only thing I'm not able to change is Android Version/Release, because I get a bootloop if I try to to that. I discovered that the APP does't work properly without Google Services, so I guess that it tracks me somehow through Google Sercices.

Do you have any advices or hints what I shold do in order to make the APP unable to track me?

Thank you in advance ǃ

Plato the 3rd

Aug 23, 2021
Phones and other electronics have many IDs, some websites and apps have more advanced user tracking. They can use a combination of information from hardware, behavior, networking information and the smallest of details to make each user a one in a billion or as unique enough to flag and track. This information can be used aginst the users, sold, and carry other privacy concerns. Your best bet is to make your information as generic as possible and to change as many IDs as possible. Trial and error, Its not easy beating big budget company stalkers.

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