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Question I cant free up the space/size storage of my mi 11 ultra after factory reset, need help

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Apr 16, 2021
Hi Guys, so i factory reset my mi 11 ultra., running flashed EUROM, i factory reset it in "My Device"
after reset, it seems that there is still half of the storage, there are still files, but i cant find what it is.

before reset. i deleted the 2nd space, but i dont know if the files on 2nd space are deleted (there are lots of movies on 2nd space)

what can i do? it seems the storage is 50% full. but i have deleted all the folders


Senior Member
Aug 24, 2013
Install a fastboot ROM again with data wipe would fix that if you cannot delete them from the file explorer

Some third party file explorer apps can probably delete if you give them root access too
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