I can't get on with porting postmarketos on the Samsung A50?

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  • Mar 30, 2020
    Samsung Galaxy A50
    I would like to port PostmarketOS to my Samsung A50 ( SmA505F/DS ) but I can't get into the APKsBuild file it keeps giving me an error. I know that I have to change the ffffffffffffff.... line and that the repository might be wrong. But I don't know how to fill in the fffffff.... and what exactly I have to enter in Repository.

    The porting instructions from PostmarketOS itself don't help me either.

    Could someone help me?

    APKSBuild file in: workdir/cache_git/pmaports/device/testing/device-wiki-example/APKBUILD

    APKSBuild file in: workdir/cache_git/pmaports/device/testing/linux-wiki-example/APKBUILD

    Error message (made with pmbootstrap log) :

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