I Cant install twrp on my moto g6 plus!

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Oct 29, 2022
Moto G6 Plus
A few days ago you sent me a screenshot of an error in TWRP. Yes, u did boot it at least once. Why is it not working now? Another PC, another cable?
well sometime ago i again (after 1 year) tryed to root my phone again
but every thing i get is this :

so i bought another cable still driver error
but i seen if i will plug it and un plug it it will work.


Oct 25, 2022
Flash this to boot. After that install magisk manager app.


  • magisk_patched-25200_BlYoI.img
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    i tryed to boot twrp but it didnt work
    Uninstall Minimal ADB and Fastboot, check if you have unlocked the bootloader and use >Google platform-tools<.

    In addition to the comment "does not work", include the results of your commands.
    Nobody but you can see them.
    use 3.2.3-0 and flash it to the boot?
    Did you ever heard of A/B slots? The Moto G6+ uses A/B slots and does not have a partition /recovery. Of course there is a recovery but it 's merged in the boot.img. So the boot.img is able to boot into recovery and also into system.

    Your TWRP image is recovery only and isn't able to boot into system!


    What will happen when flashing TWRP to partition /boot?
    In that case your boot.img = twrp.img and will only boot into recovery.

    How to install TWRP permanently on your device?
    First of all you should have a look at https://twrp.me/motorola/motorolamotog6plus.html
    TWRP provides an installation guide for every device and it´s recommended to follow these steps.


    Here´s a more detailed guide:

    1. In your case you have to restore the boot.img since it got overwritten by flashing your twrp.img to /boot.
    If available use a backup of /boot. Otherwise flash the stock boot.img from your current running firmware version. Firmware builds can be found here:

    (take care of your software channel, i.e. RETUS)

    *** Be aware that by flashing your stock boot.img Magisk will be deinstalled from ***
    your device and as a result of this you will LOOSE ROOT ACCESS!!

    2. Run
    fastboot boot <TWRP.IMG>

    3. On TWRP main screen go to Advanced => Install Recovery Ramdisk and pick the twrp.img: