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I can't install TWRP on my Nubia Z20(android 11 v3.18

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Mr Sparks

Nov 3, 2020
Hello there. I updated my Nubia Z20 global ROM to android 11. I lost Google services in the process.
So I install the necessary drivers on my PC and used minimal adb and fastboot to unlock bootloader on my phone. But my problem is that I can't install TWRP recovery on the phone itself.

I used the Twrp recovery for nubia z20.exe to get the phone into fastboot mode but I cannot proceed any further.
Once the phone enters into fastboot mode, the computer wont detect my phone anymore.
Please help


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    Are you able to extract the .exe with something like 7zip to get the twrp.img file?
    Then you could fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    Thanks so much. I will use 7zip to get the twrp.img file.
    After that, what do I do next?
    do I open minimal adb and fastboot then type the command "fastboot recovery twrp.img"?
    If you're able to extract it, yes. I tried searching for a copy of that file, but they all appear to be removed from the forums.