I deleted Google Chrome and broke a bunch of apps on my phone


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Jan 28, 2021
I have a rooted Mototrola G6 Play, and today I deleted google chrome because I don't use it, but once I deleted it a bunch of apps stopped working like LastPass and Coursera just to name a few...

I tried downloading it back from the play store but that didn't fix it.
I also tried making it a system application again using Lind2SD but it asks me to reboot and when I do it gets deleted.
I also tried manually installing the apk and placing it in /system/app/ and in /system/app/Chrome/ but that didn't work either!

How can I fix this problem?????

Edit: I was able to make chrome a system app again by changing the permission to rw-r-r after putting the apk in /system/app/Chrome but the apps are still broken!

Edit 2: I've just uninstalled and reinstalled the broken apps and they started working again!
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