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i dont believe g2x has 850mhz UMTS HSPA

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Jan 11, 2010
Google Pixel 4a
Another mod would be to tie it to a paper letter requesting that LG upgrade it to at least ICS, and then throw it like a brick through the window of someone important at LG.

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    Sure there's a mod.

    The first step is to plug it into craigslist. Make sure you have a reasonable price installed. Ensure that when you meet with the buyer, you take the money and your SIM with you before logging out. Then you will have to install the money somewhere that can sell you a compatible phone. Finally you'll have to put your SIM in the new phone and turn it on.

    And voila, you've modded your phone ;-)

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    Another mod would be to strap it to a phone which works on a network it doesn't work on. A further mod would be to put a brick of vanilla ice-cream between the two phones to have Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Wheres the tmobile 1700 band on there?

    It's called AWS.
    i live in metro. I will be interested to take a look. call

    I would remove your number from public view. Just send him a PM with it.
    Picking mine up at lunch, gonna request an unlock code online once I get off work... Throw the AT&T sim in, and report back my 3g findings...
    Thanks for doing this. This was the only reason that I was wanting to get this phone. If I cannot unlock the phone and use it on 3g on at&t, then it is not worth it (I already have a t-mobile phone that works on at&t and one that works on edge).

    No prob, I'm in the same situation you are.. Either way, I can sell it and get my money back if it doesn't pan out..

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