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I dumped a Lenovo Smart Display 10 , what should i do next?

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Grandmaster Flesh

New member
Jul 31, 2021
Hello XDA-Community,
i think i am the first one that dumped a Lenovo Smart Display 10 successfully(found no roms/ dumps after about 30 mins of searching).
For clarity: i purchased (about a year ago) some ibm kvm switches on a german site (for like 5 Eur each, on what was and is still a legit site, that sells computer equipment for businesses); when they came, they turned out to be retail display units for Lenovo Smart Display 10's and smart clocks.
i managed to turn the smart clocks into usable devices; but i couldn't really do anything with the displays ; they came pre-rooted (debug builds) ; on one partition they had the retail firmware with animations: the other one is one that seemed normal , it let me connect with the Google Home App, updates , reboots and then it gets stuck in an endless loop. So because i got three devices i recently was able to dump one of them( which i hadn't soft-bricked yet)with (
adb pull /dev/block/platform/soc/7824900.sdhci/by-name/ by-name).
Also i was able to get the URL of some of the OTA payload files via adb logcat.
My question to you is , what can and what should i do next with this ROM/Dump?
TWRP,LineageOS etc.?
Can i share them on XDA or is this illegal?
(Some retail videos i extracted from retail_ukdefres.apk for proof)
Thanks in advance to all who respond.


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