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I got the Google Pixel 5, what do you need to know?

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Dec 7, 2010
How's the screen on time comparing in 90hz mode and 60 hz mode, if you're keen to share the difference?
Literally started this test last night, doing another controlled battery test to see how it does. Can't share the results even when the phones die; as it's now under embargo lol.
Btw does the screen have a green tint at brightness lower than 15% with 90 Hz on?
I didn't notice anything like this, no.


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Aug 31, 2009
The 3XL was very unbalanced even with both front firing due to the size of the speakers.
Yes, but I wrote Pixel 3 (regular size), which has a good stereo balance. The Pixel 5 has not.

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Unboxing embargo is over
Yes, but the other embargos are still active. Supersaf told his unboxing that he us not allowed to upload a photo comparison.


New member
Oct 11, 2020
Hey guys, just wanted to know below, a reply from anyone would really be appreciated.
1. If I buy Google Pixel 5 and pixel 4a 5G outside of India, say order it from USA/Canada, will the divice will work in India ( Mobile carrier band compability).
2. If all mobile features will be available if this device have to be operated in India.( Except 5G).
3. If such device will get default / limited warrenty in India location too
4. If point 3 is no then, can we buy international product warrenty at the time of purchase and cost if it.


Aug 6, 2018
Why are there no reviews on the pixel 5 camera? The phone has launched but no one has ratings or reviews!
the second video of op about the 5 actually has a decent amount of camera / video footage. There was another pretty high quality video and image showcase on youtube but the person did delete and reupload the video without the camera footage, certainly because of the current embargo.

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