I have a mi 10 Ultra on AT&T in the US, ask me anything

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Feb 4, 2021
@AerationCheese Re-VoLTE working on AT&T—that means you get the VoLTE symbol in the status bar when you're on call/the phone doesn't switch to H+ or something for data when you're on a phone call? Just to verify, if you install this network app and make a phone call, what does it say under "Voice Network Type"?

Not trying to doubt you, just wanting to be sure because AT&T's network changes in February 2022 are going to make non-VoLTE phones ineligible for the network.


New member
Mar 5, 2021
Hi there, great to see another US user. I am on Cricket, which is the same thing as ATT, basically. I was wondering two things:

1. Do you have a noticeable lag in getting notifications? Meaning, do your notifications all show up after opening the actual app you are expecting notifications from? This is a problem for me on mail apps and Messenger, for example.

2. Can you send MMS images through the stock messages app or Google Messages? I cannot get images to send no matter what setting I go into within the settings. I might have to open a new thread on this issue.

I am also cricket user but I cannot use my Sim card with mi 10 ultra. Phone is CN version I don't know if it is locked or not. Please help me guys, how can I know if it is locked or not. How can I make it compatible with cricket. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is my phone number 3142437995