Question I have a samsung galaxy A13 can anyone tell me how to begin rooting after developer mode is unlocked and USB debugging in activated never used debug?

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Apr 2, 2022
I just wanna learn how to begin the rooting don't know what driver how to get a sdk what app nothing?


Jun 19, 2019
I just spoke to Samsung, and they told me the A13 G5 unlocked version purchased directly from them comes with an unlocked bootloader.

I think I just wet myself.


Dec 11, 2016
Samsung Galaxy A10
Samfirm should have the version of android you need for you're phone you need the Samsung flash tool su+twrp+magisk is optional good luck! Ps.always back up everything


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Jul 14, 2022
ZTE Zmax Pro
Moto G 5G
I will be working on mine purchased from Metro PCS. Its OEM bootloader is locked at the moment. I will be using Magisk and flashing a TWRP. Utilizing an ADB wireless USB connection from PC. I will keep you posted if someone else doesnt beat me too it. Either way this thread is going so im sure together we can knock this out. Im going to do my LG Stylo 4 firsy. Its OEM came unlocked from Metro i scored. Just havent had time. I just did my ZTE ZMax Pro Z981 from Metro also was unlocked OEM. They will all need a PC usb connection and Magisck. You can find them in threads here. Good luck. Will post again when i get time. Hope this helps a little. Here you might not get an answer you want...but if you dig youll find what youre looking for...just got learn by they said...always backup... everything...first...dont forget to remove sd before you factory reset or you will wipe it. And your phone. If youre not sure...dont change things you dont will brick your phone. Follow directions you find in threads...and you will be fine. I learned how to be a great chef from other chefs who told me the ingredients but never amounts of ingredients. Thats how you become a great chef and also become great developer...good luck guys. Im learning too. Share what you learn. FYI...the one click....dont bother...IJS...PC you will need for this....


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Jul 14, 2022
ZTE Zmax Pro
Moto G 5G
How do you plan on flashing those if the bootloader is locked....going through threads and other information compiling data for it when im ready to work on it. Found a bunch of information on links referencing different ways to go about it. Ill toy with it until i find a way. I saw a way to unlock using PC and several ways from the phone. But id put my money on using the PC to unlock it. samsung and metro are being [email protected] together to make it harder. Unless you purchase directly through Samsung. The tricks i see through phone developer options in link searches just sound too easy and when played around with one of those it didnt work. But ive been busy at work. And This A13 is my main phone. Ill get a new one soon and then disconnect from Metro. I dont like being connected with a carrier and running root. Id rather use them as gaming and entertainment mod phones, using wifi and VPN. Just my preference. I use a cell carrier purely for voice and text on new phones. And then mod old ones as i upgrade. Im still learning so im just having fun in my spare time. But i always try to be careful. I like to game and stream. I pay for my stream services but i do have mods for games and retro gaming. But i also always support those developers through online payments. I love this stuff and i know alot of developers do it on the aint free and it aint easy Tech and gaming has always been a hobby. But im just so busy at work its been slow to work on. I seen a bunch threads out there for A13 so theres veterans on it. Im going to work on my LG first...and ive been lagging on it bcuz im doing private work on the side and my normal job. Ill search more this weekend here, if i see some good threads ill link them.


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Nov 24, 2022
Hi, I just rooted my Samsung Galaxy A13. Here's a quick tutorial of what worked for me:


Install Heimdall onto your computer. I used Manjaro Linux as my OS, and haven't tested anything else. Install any drivers if necessary.

Install Magisk onto your phone. I recommend using the F-Droid store/app, or Magisk's GitHub page.


Install any updates for your phone.

Unlock Bootloader

First of all you need to unlock the bootloader:

Enable Developer Mode by navigating: Settings > About Phone > Software information.

Tap Build number about 7 or 8 times until it says You're now a developer.

Allowing the bootloader to be unlocked:

Settings > Developer Options > Enable OEM unlocking.

Allow it to be enabled if prompted.

Turn off your device.

Turn on Download Mode by holding down Volume Up and Volume Down.

When you see a blue screen, hold Volume Up until it shows Unlock Bootloader screen.

Press Volume Up to confirm.

Flashing firmware is a good resource for downloading firmware. Be careful that you're downloading the correct firmware though. You can find information by navigating on your phone:
Settings > About Phone, and Settings > About Phone > Software information. If you call *#1234# it will show you the current firmware.

Extract the archive.

Extract the file staring with AP.

Extract the file boot.img.IZ4.

Move boot.img onto your phone.

Open Magisk. Click install. Locate and patch the file. Move the file back onto your computers.

Extract the file starting with CSC. Locate the pit file.

Open Heimdall.

Choose the pit file and the patched boot image.

Put your phone in Download Mode and connect via USB.

Flash your phone.

If it worked successfully, your phone will reboot. It will probably throw an error before starting. Choose to do a factory reset. This will delete all the user data, but the patched boot file will stay in place.

Download Magisk again. Follow the prompts.

To test if you have super user access, install Termux from the F-Droid store. type su into the terminal. You will get a pop up asking if you want to give super user permissions.

Congratulations! You're now the UNIX sysadmin of your own phone!

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    Sorry to break it to you, but it's a Samsung thing. It doesn't matter if it's a device from a carrier or carrier-free directly from Samsung, if you buy a U.S. Samsung phone you will not unlock bootloader freely.