I have a SM-T530nn my son change the pin cant remember it and it has a MDM lock i cant hard reset it i bought it referb years ago on amazon

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I bought my son the Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530nn a couple years ago on amazon it was a Refurb. at some point he changed his pin because his siblings were getting on it without asking him and he forgot the pin. his account is the master or admin account. i can't do anything account wise except use a guest account which i can do nothing with like usb debugging or anything else as far as i know.
I tried to do a hard reset and couldn't get it to work and i eventually saw that it was locked with MDM. when i did all that has been a year or so ago its just been sitting on the shelf. Wondering if there is anyone who can point me in the right direction.

The seller on amazon I bought it from only refurbishes electronics and sells them, i am guessing it was a school tablet and a kid broke the screen or it wouldn't charge. But there's nothing the seller can do to help.

Now after I typed this entire thing i am seeing how that this whole thing could sound a little fishy, i have the invoice on amazon and i will upload that and my ugly face and govt ID and the tablet to prove it belongs to me and I'm not some kid or thief that stole it from school.

if anyone can help and needs me to upload video/photos or other info please ask and ill update as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and helping if you can.
With the tablet off:

1. Press and hold the home button
2. Press and hold volume up
3. and then press and release the power button. Once the tablet powers up, release the other buttons.

That should bring up a menu where you navigate with volume up and down. Navigate down to Wipe Data/factory reset. Press the power button to start the reset process.

If the tablet starts up in download mode, you pressed volume down instead of up. It's easy to confuse the two on the Tab 4. Just repeat the process until you get the selection of doing a wipe data/factory reset.