Question I have Xperia 1 iv. Hk variant xq 72 . It was getting hot when on hk variant but since I flashed it to sea variant with new flasher it is lot cooler.

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Jan 21, 2020
Hi, were you on latest firmware on both cases?
I have xq 72 too and was considering SEA variant. How do i make sure i have HK firmare on and were to find SEA firmware and newflasher?


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Mar 16, 2015
You have a code I suppose *#*"7378423#*#* check number from internet if it is right. Go to software information. You will read in one of the line HK . If you change to sea variant it will show sea, global C2 rom
New flasher you download from XDA forum and xperifirware as well from forum.
Don't delet any file from firmware . Just flash it. Some time cmd coomand need to be opene and need to set newflasher active a , wh