I just accidentally bought a rooted HTC M8 on eBay with issues. Should I keep it?!

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Mar 26, 2015
I am in Australia and have just recently bought an HTC M8 on eBay which was originally listed as new, and factory unlocked for $530. A few days later I found out it was actually rooted now unlocked, but was originally locked to Sprint. This was confirmed by a Sprint Connections application update etc, and the root was confirmed by the SuperSU app that was already installed in the phone. I'm recently confirmed this by the Root Checker app.

My phone's software is Android version 4.4.2, HTC Sense 6, software number 1.54.651.8, HTC SDK api LEVEL 6.17, PRI version 1.52_003, Kernel version [email protected] #1 SMP PREEMPT, Baseband version

The phone is pretty functional for everyday use except for the following issues:

- The internet network settings had to be manually obtained from my carrier as the phone did not automatically pick it up.

- The internet seems slower than usual (Signal strength -79 dBm 17-20 asu) compared to my old phone (Xperia Z1), despite the settings being specifically on 3G/UTMS mode which is faster than having it on Global Mode, and the required setting with my carrier Optus.

- I cannot access anything under System Updates. i.e. Update profile, Update PRL, UCICC Unlock and most importantly, HTC software update. This update takes >20minutes to search to no avail. This error message at times pops up when I try selecting Update profile: “vDM Client has stopped unexpectedly. An error report will be sent to HTC to help us improve our products”. This error screen would pop up intermittently when my internet didn't work but, I rarely see it now.

- Wifi would randomly switch on. I've turned off all system selections that may be caused on this. I haven’t tried booting my phone into safe mode to determine if an app is causing this.

I don't know much about phones (I had no idea what rooting was until I looked it up to get a rough idea), so I'm wondering if you experts could be some advice :)

I'm planning on keeping the phone for about 2 years and wondering what issues I may receive from having a rooted phone with the already above issues? Would the phone play up more? Can I use my current android version for that period relatively smoothly?

I am able to return my phone for a full refund but I don't have a spare phone and don't want to go in to the hassle of doing so if I can keep the phone (I would prefer to leave them negative feedback on eBay to be honest :p). What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance for any asisstance.

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