I managed to get GMS running ( (no USB-Pendrive)

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Ikaros Strubbelneko

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Aug 15, 2018
So after hours and hours of following loads of different Guides on YouTube I finally managed to get GMS to fully work again.
I followed his Guide, for the most part, but did some things different.


[EDIT: Set your system language to english after resetting your phone, until you (hopefully) got GMS running]

(1) As soon as i reset my device I opened AppGallery, went to settings and froze automatic App-Updates.
(2) After that I uninstalled the Backup App by going into Settings > Apps > Apps > (search for Backup and show system apps) > uninstall
(3) Instead of getting the Purple G App via a USB Pendrive I got it by restoring a (different) backup with hisuite.
(4) Instead of grabbing the files from a pendrive I had them on my internal storage
(5) After getting the PlayStore to work for the very first time (video timestamp 04:59) I installed alot of apps (important!)

Other than that I followed his guide exactly.

*(3) Get the latest version of HiSuite on your computer.
Unpack Backup file for Hisuite.rar. Put the folder inside of it into documents / HiSuite / backup.
Connect your device to your computer via USB Cable. Choose "transfer files" on your phone.
Go into your phones' settings, search for "HDB" and allow HiSuite to use HDB. (HiSuite will now be installed on your phone)
Open it and give it all the permissions that it needs.
On your computer, enter the Code that the Hisuite App shows on your phone.
Hit restore.
HiSuite will try to install the Backup App that we uninstalled before. It's gonna tell you that the installation failed, just ignore it and try to restore the Backup again.

(Backup File for Hisuite.rar): http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7wbsq1hjkz7vnr/Backup_file_for_Hisuite.rar/file

*(5) List of apps that I installed at that point:

Google One
Keep Notes
Street View
Play Games

Let me know if this worked for you ^^
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Aug 24, 2007
The only way to have push service notification working is to icebox google framework. In that way u'll have notifications and you can even add how many gmail accounts you want. At the price of Google Play Store, you have to use Aurora Store or defroze google framework when you need it
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