I need the /data folder from AT&T HTC One Mini

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May 7, 2010
When you unlock your bootloader using HTCDev, it wipes /data. For some reason, apps such as Calculator are in the /data folder.

Also, even if you never root, since unlocking wipes /data, you cannot accept an OTA update. The OTA update requires that your /data folder have all of the stock files in it in order to update (it compares md5 sums).

Thus, I am in the situation of having unlocked via HTCDev, but I have not rooted or flashed a custom recovery, but I nevertheless cannot accept the recent AT&T OTA update because my /data folder was wiped.

Could somebody who has a stock AT&T One Mini please upload your /data folder so I can restore its contents to my phone and get the OTA?

I already downloaded jmz's StockRooted_Odex_ATT file in the root section, but it does not have the /data folder. It only has /system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 26, 2010

do you really need data/app or is it system/app to flash OTA?

I removed all the *.p from all those APK and ODEX-files and pushed all the files from patch/system/app from the OTA into data/app and I was not able to flash the OTA - getting a red exclamation mark.
recovery is stock.

after that I pushed all the files to system/app and now I cant boot. stuck at "HTC One" logo.

any ideas?

it was the OTA I downloaded with my phone (vodafone-DE), not one from the forum...
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