I rooted my Nokia 3.2

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Oct 28, 2019
I can extract the image from my phone, but actually I'm not at home. I will return at the end of January. If you still need the image then give a short message!

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    Hi, might be a stupid question but where is the patched boot.img/how do I do it myself?
    I will upload it, i downloaded the new firmware with june security patch and extracted the boot.img from it, you can do the same or wait when i go home to upload it for you
    Hi, might be a stupid question but where is the patched boot.img/how do I do it myself?


    I add this phone to the list of my amazon.it account to make some stuff like twrp and roms but didn't buy yet, I'm afraid that Nokia will not release kernel source soon so in case of taking one I can make a twrp with stock kernel extracted from boot.img see ya.
    Edit: buying this phone has been cancelled after reading unlocking bootloader seems to be "impossible" shame on you dear Nokia
    i dont know coz i sold the phone months ago but i managed to root it without problems you have just to patch it by your self with your current build and then flash it using fastboot mode

    Thanks for replying!

    Unfortunately, I don't have my current build as a separate firmware file, and QFIL is not able to get the boot image from my phone because the communication stops right away.

    My build number starts with 00EEA, whereas your boot image (and the full stock ROM on Mega that you linked) contains 00WW. I'm not sure this firmware is compatible with my Nokia 3.2 ...
    I got my image extracted.
    In attachment the file for the europe version.