I Successfully Changed the CSC of My SM-N986B/DS (Exynos)

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Jun 14, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Think I read someone saying you need to factory reset if it doesn't work after upgrading to 11 then it should work

Long as BL bit is the same you should be able to, not tried

N986BXXU1CTL5 << BL v.1
Unfortunately mine is on U2 so I guess I couldn't downgrade it anymore.
Is there another working solution for me?
I'm on a FTM (Orange) firmware and want to switch to an OXM one.

Thanks for your help!


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Jun 14, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Update : I flashed XEF firmware with june security patch with Odin yesterday but no success.

To be more precise, I want to switch from FTM CSC to XEF one. Both are in OXM firmware. Firmwares seems to be exactly the same (build date and changelist) but I can't move on. :(
Maybe it's due to e-sim?

Thanks for your help.


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Sep 5, 2010
i am on android 11 and the last update for july 2020. is it possible to make it csc branding free? any help are welcome


Sep 5, 2019
Hi there.

Which CSCs are capable of grabbing and communicating with 5G signals in countries other than the country where the SM-N986B/DS (Exynos) is sold?
The SM-N986B/DS (Exynos) cannot change settings related to 5G from Service Mode, so it cannot unlock 5G region lock like the SM-N9860 (Snapdragon).

I want to use SM-N986B/DS (Exynos) in Japan, but the UK and Singapore versions reportedly did not grab 5G from Japanese carriers.
I've seen reports in other threads that rooting your device will allow you to configure 5G settings from service mode.
However, I don't want to root my device if I can help it.
It seems that different countries (CSC) have different settings to 5G, so if you know of CSC that can grab 5G in other countries, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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Feb 1, 2006
Hi all, I'm trying to understand all the threads regarding CSC change because I need PHE to use Samsung Pay in Spain, but do not manage to finally figure if it is possible or not with SamKey.

My rom (android 12) is:
Operator software SAOMC SM-N986B_OXM XEH 12 0004 XEH/XEH,XEH/EUX/XEH
Version N986BXXU3EVA9 / N986BOXM3EVA9 / N986BXXU3EVA9
Security Patch February 2022

I understand that while it is a multy CSC Rom, PHE is not included and that Bootloader is 3, so no way to go back to Android 10 and use the phone app trick...

Will Samkey work for me without installing first a PHE rom?

Will appreciate any help.

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Feb 9, 2011
is there a way to export that build-in call recorder as an apk, then other csc version can just install it? something like huawei device able to port in some apps from different csc..
No. The app is built-in Phone app. It is same for all just depending of active CSC - features like "call recording" are shown or hidden.


May 8, 2022
This happens to me when I try to install N986BXXU1ATG1 following the instructions.
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Feb 9, 2011
This happens to me when I try to install N986BXXU1ATG1 following the instructions.View attachment 5618563
Current N986B firmware version is N986BXXS4FVD6 with bootloader 4
You are trying to install N986BXXU1ATG1 version with bootloader 1 from July 2020 (almost 2 years old) - no chance.

You can install firmware via ODIN only with same or bigger bootloader version.
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    I finally got my CSC back!

    What I needed:

    1. Official July Security Firmware - Because the CSC Changer will only work if you have a firmware lower than the August Security Firmware
    Since I wanted the XTC firmware back, I downloaded the OXM firmware with multi-CSC N986BXXU1ATGI file here Warning, very slow download speed.
    Since the security policy for both firmware hasn't changed yet, I was able to downgrade my firmware, from the current one on my phone N986BXXU1ATH3 to the older one N986BXXU1ATGI
    @Aresnalove confirmed that he was able to downgrade from the September patch without issues.

    You can use ANY one of these firmware. They're basically 'OXM with multi CSC
    MEGA Links:
    INS-N986BXXU1ATGI. Big Thanks to @keieva
    GDRive Link:

    2. CSC Changer App (Windows Installer). Here are additional links containing a compressed format that you can choose from if the first link is not working: 2nd LINK and 3rd LINK. (Disable your antivirus before downloading as it's being tagged as a virus.)

    3. Odin 3.14.4 to flash the firmware. (Instructions here, thanks to @henklbr)

    What I did:
    • Removed my SIM cards from my phone.
    • Disabled my antivirus before installing the CSC App changer in Windows.
    • Disconnected my PC from the internet.
    • Flashed the N986BXXU1ATGI firmware and proceeded with the phone setup without inserting my SIM cards and connecting to the internet.
    • Installed the CSC Changer and followed this video - Your phone will update the Store App. You need to connect to the internet temporarily. As soon as the update is
    complete, disconnect. The 'theme' should show "Try Now" to work. If you continue to be connected to the internet, it will show "Buy" and it will not work.
    • I selected the 'Android 10' option in the Legal setting (You will see 3, one for Android 8, Android 9 and Android 10)
    • After selecting my CSC and the phone restarted, I got my CSC back to XTC from DBT where I got stuck :D
    • I again flashed my phone to the latest firmware N986BXXU1ATH3.
    • Turned back on my PC's antivirus.
    • The *#272*IMEI# code works again on my phone on the latest XTC firmware, (see attachment for available CSC codes). Kindly get back and check if this code works after successfully changing your CSC.

    • After changing to your choice of CSC, check first if the features that you want are there and working. This will give you another chance to change your CSC using the CSC App changer.
    • If you are satisfied with the results, you can then upgrade your phone to the latest Security patch by downloading the file for your phone using Frija and then flash with Odin.
    • Some prefer a full reset of their phone, others prefer to keep their files and settings. If you want to keep your files and settings use the HOME_CSC instead.

    CAVEAT: This process worked for me. Again, I would like to reiterate that I needed to downgrade my firmware to pre-August 1 Security Upgrade for the CSC app changer to work.

    This process will not trip Knox because you are flashing an official firmware and the CSC app did not affect Knox as well. OTA update works. Your chosen CSC will be retained even after an update - unless of course, you decided to change your CSC manually.

    I would like to thank @tribalfs for giving me an idea how I could change my CSC, specific for the Exynos version.
    Hey everyone

    Not sure if this has already been asked...

    I have a phone with November patch will I still be be able to downgrade to the July patch??

    I don't want to trigger Knox.

    There is no need to downgrade to July to change CSC.

    Here is free and easy metod to change active CSC:

    Install Google Dialer and dial via it *#*#27262826#*#*, choose desired CSC and press (Install), phone will be reseted.
    If there is no CSC that you want, download desired whole firmware via sammobile and flash via ODIN, then again with Google Dialer to change the active CSC.
    This metod works on Android 10, not working on Android 11, but if Bootloader is still same (for SM-N986B it is still "1"
    Android 11 N986BXXU1CTL5, Android 10: N986BXXU1ATJ1 ) - so it is possible to downgrade to Android 10 and change CSC via Google Dialer, then OTA to Android 11 and all works.
    Personally I recommend (and use for all my phones) THL CSC - it have build in Call recorrder, Samsung Pay works and 5G works.
    Knox not triggered.
    Happy new 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ :)
    Yes KOO was the one I also thought was the unbranded CSC

    Good luck! :good:

    OMG !! IT WORKED !

    The phone rebooted with no operator logos and no extra operator apps, just basic apps from Samsung and Google.

    Now the Service provider SW ver. is - KOO/KOO/KOO/LUC

    Thank you very much ! I had almost lost hope, thanks to your simple steps and also for the link of the credit seller, he sent the login data within a few minutes.

    Now I can fully enjoy this great phone.

    I hope to be useful to the community in the future, as well as the community has been helpful to me.

    Thanks again :D
    I bought the device didint read too much and i t0hough that simply flaahing with odin XEO will do the trick as it was on Notr8 but nope. So now i just need to wait for possibility to change csc android 11 ;(

    No need to wait.
    Download Android 10 THL, flash wiht ODIN, change with Google Dialer and update will be automatic to 11 via OTA.