I use arch btw

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    I just came here to say I also use Arch.

    I also did not create an account here just to make this comment.
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    Yea, I just gotta let you guys know.
    Dual booting all machines with Arch as my primary OS. I keep Windows around just in case. Big fan of Arch, to the point that I have Arch Linux Arm on my raspberry.
    An old Archer here.
    Been using Arch for Almost 10 years and being one of local users Admin & wiki writer i shall say installing arch is like walk in park! :D
    I'm a fellow user of Arch based distros as well (generally Endeavor or Garuda with the blackarch and chaotic aur keyrings installed on top of)
    Manjaro has too many mods which causes most of their problems.
    Been using Arch openbox and xfce for years now.
    Playing with Archlabs for over a year now and enjoying the ride and the find people there.
    If you can't install Arch manually the Arch way, you likely shouldn't be using Arch.