I used a magisk module that I can't reverse even with a full wipe

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Jan 21, 2011
I downloaded a Magisk module to test out that purported to bypass DRM of netflix, Amazon, and a couple others and it put my phone into a boot loop. I installed a recovery magisk module zip for recovery that allowed me to disable the module from TWRP but it didn't matter because it just stopped the module and didn't replace the changed DRM file. After that I just gave up and fully formatted my phone with the All in One tool using "Decrypt phone / erase all data" and then installed a fresh stock ROM image via fastboot. The problem is, even after doing all of this, the DRM file that this module changed is still changed and I can't use streaming services and my phone is incredibly unstable. When I open Netflix for instance, it says I need an update and when I go to the play store it tells me "Netflix is not compatible with your device". Also, even after a full wipe, Nova launcher is still installed, and it's not supposed to be, I have no clue how these files are persisting through a full wipe. I've been tinkering with my phone for over a year now and this is the first problem I've found that not even fastboot can seem to fix. I'm on Tmobile and originally was able to unlock my bootloader by flashing Android 10 Developer preview 3, which they accidentally allowed you to unlock the bootloader with. I did that to unlock my bootloader then rooted and I've been using international ROM's ever since. I'm worried if I have to go back to Stock tmobile ROM I won't be able to get my bootloader locked again, and I still have no clue if this will even fix the issue. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? If you search "drm" on magisk modules you'll find two things, one that removes all drm, and one from 2019 that attempts to bypass it. (I figured I'd test this out to see if I could watch Netflix in 1440p with my bootloader unlocked and didn't expect it to work, just didn't expect it to find a way to soft brick my phone) I'm using the 2019 one. Is it possible if I re-root my phone to somehow aquire the original DRM files this thing changed and replace them? Are these not included as part of a stock ROM? I don't understand how I can't fix this. My last plan is to reinstall TWRP and wipe literally every option on there then flash a ROM via fastboot, but I doubt it's going to work if formatting the entire phone doesn't work

Edit: Installed TWRP, wiped literally every option so I didn't even have an OS anymore, used fastboot to decrypt / erase all data then when installing stock ROM I chose again to wipe all data. If nova launcher and the changed DRM persists through this I'm going to be completely stumped. The only thing I can conclude is that somehow my phone is not actually fully wiping itself even though I'm using 3 different methods to do it

Edit 2: This still didn't work. I think I'm gonna have to use the MSM tool and go back to tmobile stock. If I flash far back enough I should in theory still be able to flash Android 10 DP3 and unlock my bootloader again, it's just gonna be an unexpected pain in the ass task to deal with today

Edit 3: Thank god for modified msm tool, I didn't know they were able to modify it to convert your tmobile phone to international and unlock the bootloader. This is going to be much easier than anticipated as long as doing this actually fixes my drm files and really wipes everything

Edit 4: Even using MSM tool to install a factory international ROM fixed the Netflix issue but somehow Nova Launcher is persisting through every single kind of wipe I've done lol. Despite the bootloader being locked (wasn't supposed to be) after this update, Netflix still wouldn't play in HD which is kind of odd. I'm now going through the process of installing Android 10 DP3 and unlocking my bootloader then downgrading back to pie to root and install TWRP again. I'm just going to have to accept that Nova Launcher is a part of my phone now lol
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Dec 16, 2012
OnePlus 7 Pro
Maybe I'm wrong but didnt op7 pro have an irreversible e-fuse that once triggered with root it wiped out the ability to see HD forever ? Something to do with downgrading widevine drm levels if I remember correctly... The nova thingy I cant explain but hey it could be worse you could be stuck with Microsoft's launcher [emoji1787]

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Just a thought that crossed my mind, could it be that Nova is surviving as a system app in A or B slot? Are you sure you are wiping system in both slots?

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