I want to disable the following features on Android 12

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Oct 2, 2018
The following features I do not like and would like to disable:

  1. When setting screen lock type to "none", certain notifications will cause the device to unlock, like when the notification for the charging status is received.
  2. The green dot icon in the status bar that hides important icons that notifys me when the camera is being used (I found a temporary fix but it reverts after a reboot)
  3. Annoying software update messages in the settings panel even though I have auto updates disabled. I prefer not using software that is constantly evolving and changing.
  4. Certain samsung apps that I could not find alternatives for that keep nagging me when new versions are available (a way to block internet access to certain apps would probably do the trick)
Is there a custom OS that addresses behaviours 1-3 then I might be able to look into 4 by myself if need be?