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i want to mod suzuki slda firmware please help

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New member
Aug 30, 2021
hello as i mentioned title i want to modify the slda firmware of suzuki infortainment system but if i edit flash it security checks will fail please help me how to change the checksums of fimware and i want to add a feauture to open terminal

please help me to do these changes i have been searching for it from around an year

the firmware files are like this:---
├── bot.fp.tar.gz.bin
├── container.iso.bin
├── dyn.bsh.tar.gz.bin
├── force.dnl
├── kds.dnl
├── manifest.ini
├── manifest.mnf
├── manifest.smd
├── nav.suz.tar.gz.bin
├── prj.bsh.tar.gz.bin
├── rfs.bsh.tar.bz2.bin
├── shutdown.dnl
├── stc.bsh.tar.gz.bin
└── version.info

the original firmware download link:::------ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_vZkryOtVuRKnbn1AYijVvIx8YmfYT5d/view

and i tried booting from the kali live iso i replaced the kali filesystem.squashfs with the rfs.bsh.tar.bz2.bin which is main chroot of the slda firmware but it doesn't have a package manager so i couldn't do much.
Please help me with this