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I900 has been rooted

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Mar 26, 2010
now just a matter of time till we get a real f/w with jit, hi mem support etc..
hi mem is really needed as the phone becomes easily sluggish with all the crap that starts running..


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Jun 22, 2010
Once root access is gained, can the I9000 be unlocked from a carrier?

EDIT: Yes, I9000, I900 is a different phone :D
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what does rooted version give you advantages over stock?
i find the stock f/w is running very well..

Mostly that you can remove stock apps you don't want and you can test improvements in restricted areas (for instance /system and /data) easier.
Also some programs need root access to run; especially those fiddling with settings / performance

One downside to rooting: it gives you the opportunity to break your configuration (not literally). If you remove/alter some files, your system can get unstable or unbootable. Usually you can restore that by reflashing a stock rom or just replacing the edited file by the original


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Jun 15, 2010
T-Mobile is a little bit late for this phone + they don't have same GT-i9000 model. (they will have model without front facing camera).

I think fring/skype/facebook video and other IM messangers will become very popular in future. So people will more and more talk over Internet then on GSM. Because in some countries there is 3G flatrate package and also 4g (802.16e WiMAX) will bring us to new era of mobile industry.


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Apr 21, 2009
yes....got my S rooted.

For now, what can be done with a rooted Galaxy S?

you can download apps from nexus one section or get your hands dirty on android themes and apps section, and even install cracked android apps and games ... do you know what root means .. like a tree it has root, you can add urea and fertilizers to it to make it grow better and bigger .. same case with this ...

dang dont consider me stupid but lame ;)
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