[I9003][MOD] List & Download Links For The Best BootAnimations

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    Here is a List of BootAnimations with their Download Links!

    Given Preview's are just small clip of the whole animation!

    (*) - Recommended

    List :
    Alex Grey - Preview
    Android Glow - Preview
    Android Logo - Preview
    Android Minimal - Preview
    *Android Particles - Preview
    Android Particles 2 - Preview
    Aperture Science - Preview
    Avengers - Preview
    Backup Bootanimation - Preview
    Banana - Preview
    Bassist - Preview
    BBBios - Preview
    Bionic Blue - Preview
    Bionic Green - Preview
    Blood - Preview
    Boing - Preview
    Cyan Nexus - Preview
    Cyanogen 7 - Preview
    Daft Punk - Preview
    Dancing Droids - Preview
    Deception - Preview
    Droid 3 - Preview
    Droid Mod - Preview
    Halo 3 - Preview
    Honeycomb 3D - Preview
    IronMan 2 - Preview
    *Marvel - Preview
    Matrix Blue - Preview
    Moving Eye - Preview
    *Modern Warfare 2 - Preview
    Nexus Prime - Preview
    Nexus Prime Real - Preview
    Ryu Kazuya - Preview
    Samsung Conquer - Preview
    StickFight - Preview
    *Transformers Intro - Preview
    Windows Nexus - Preview
    Windows Phone 7 - Preview
    X-men - Preview

    More To Be Added Soon ...

    Requires Root Access

    Instructions To Change BootAnimation :

    - Download The BootAnimation.zip You Like
    - Rename It To "sanim.zip"
    - Copy This BootAnimation To Your Phone's SD Card ( Or Wherever You Have Your BootAnimation )
    - Open Up RootExplorer
    - Go Into System/Media And Make A BackUp Of The Original "Sanim.zip" ( Precaution! In case Something Goes Wrong! )
    - Now Copy The BootAnimation.zip File ( Which We Just Renamed To "sanim.zip")
    - Paste It In System/Media And Overwrite The Existing One
    - Long Press The "sanim.zip" ( Which We Just Pasted )
    - Click On "Permissions"
    - Set It To rw-r--r-- ( See The ScreenShot Given )

    Instructions To Change PowerOn Sound :

    If you get a " PowerOn "Sound File along with the BootAnimation, just follow the given instructions to change the PowerOn Sound

    - Go To System/Etc
    - Make A Backup Of The Original PowerOn Sound ( Precaution! In case Something Goes Wrong! )
    - Now To Your Phone's SD Card ( Or Wherever You Have Your PowerOn File )
    - Now Copy The PowerOn File
    - Go To System/Etc
    - Paste The PowerOn File And Overwrite The Existing One

    You Have Now Successfully Changed Your BootAnimation And PowerOn Sound!

    Reboot Your Device And Watch The New BootAnimation :)



    Here is the download link!
    Link : Click Here


    Please Click The "THANK YOU" Button !
    could you please provide some videos for the bootanimations? thanks alot man... =)
    Added Preview For All The Boot Animations :)
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