Ice Cream Sandwich and other News


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Jul 14, 2009
Today I have an anouncement.

I will be doing all MIUI development for the X, D2 and D2G. Also, I will be making an update for my barebones CM rom once a month from here on out. Lastly, I will be working on an Ice Cream Sandwich rom from the SDK later this week to have something ready for when source drops. As for my Milestone 2 rom, I am probably going to release what I have and see if someone else can figure out how to get data working with it. I do not have a job where I can constantly be SBF'ing my phone anymore and that rom was the fastest way to break the phone. I still am planning on working on a sense port but that will be far down the road after ICS is out.

Secondly, Since I am working on so many devices right now, expect delays to be there but things still coming out at least. I am taking donations to get my thinkpad working again (since it got killed) that way I can have 2 dev machines. Any phones I can get will help too. Whether it be an X, D2G or D2. Simply put, I don't have enough hardware right now to crank them out very fast and I am asking for donations to expedite releases. I am posting this in the X forum since I will be developing for that device now.

I appreciate anything you guys have given to me before (you guys kept me afloat during my unemployment). I look forward to be doing more releases, but if you guys have anything left to give... It will make this much faster for me. Developing with my phone I use has just become almost out of the question.

Edit: ICS will be my primary rom in development until we get it running. Once DXC does his last release I will be doing just maitenence releases for MIUI.


Nov 8, 2011
I am a complete newb, so I might be way off. So with what your developing could I put ICS on a Skyrocket? And if I could would it be a stock version or a custom one?


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Nov 10, 2011
I'm semi new to Android Development .etc and I have somewhat of a stupid question as I dont understand what MIUI is.

Also. This means there will be a CM rom of Ice Cream Sandwitch for the D2G?
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Jan 25, 2011
i got xtra d2g but it is locked
i sent it back to d seller to unlock it n she kept saying she dod have d right unlock code and she has no idea y it does not work.

mayb i can get it send to u ACE, helped me to unlock it n u gotta keep it for development purpose.
then once u done wit it, send it back to me

i believe the seller live in lima ohio