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Sep 9, 2011
It appears that statement only applies to Canada, and not to the rest of the world. Canada's update process is controlled by the carriers.

Keep dreaming mate that its only canada. LG doesn't give a f$%K about it's customers customers around the world and it will not upgrade O3D as well. They have probably 2 persons for handling the OS on their phone and 100s of people in the hardware department to keep churning out ****ty phones. Like the above person i've jumped to galaxy SIII but still unfortunate not to be able to sell the POS O3D till now.
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Apr 27, 2012
Melbourne Australia
I'd be suspecting the O3D in Australia won't be seeing ICS either, why, because Optus, the local carrier that distributed the LGP920 no longer stocks the phone and I'd suspect that the ICS upgrades in different countries have as much to do with the carriers that distribute the phone as the manufacturer.
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Sep 23, 2010
I'd be suspecting the O3D in Australia won't be seeing ICS either, why, because Optus, the local carrier that distributed the LGP920 no longer stocks the phone and I'd suspect that the ICS upgrades in different countries have as much to do with the carriers that distribute the phone as the manufacturer.

As much as I hate LG and don't trust them I would guess unbranded O3D and 2X will all get ICS.

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Rho'd Berth

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Jul 20, 2011
I said this would happen ages ago and got rubbished for it.
Whos sorry now.

So glad i jumped ship to galaxy S3 when it came out.

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maybe gs3 is better at many fronts, but it doesn't have 3D.
As soon as a better 3D phone will be released, I'll jump to it. But till then I'll stick to my O3D and hope for upgrades.
The phone has a lot of faults, but it's doing a great job at making 3D photo's/movies, which is most important to me.

And that makes it a better phone to me then the GS3.
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Dec 2, 2009
My cat got kittens. The president of my republic got suspended. I got a perfect score on Reversi. I got the news of no holiday for me this year... But nope...still no Ice Darn it! Another week with no scotch on the rocks!

Since you didn't upload the photo of your kittens,then i will upload mine. :D

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Jul 31, 2007
I have been saying this all the time. Just because LG Canada said that ICS won't be available in Canada, it doesn't mean anything about the ICS release in other countries. Canada (and some other countries) don't sell open versions of phones but all the versions are sold through the carriers. And the carriers are the ones who decide if they will update to a new ROM. This also happens in Europe and elsewhere when someone has purchased the phone through a carrier.

Take the officially released stock ROMs for example. The latest Gingerbread ROM is the V21E which was released 3 moths ago by LG and reportedly is the only GB ROM that solves the ghost calls issue. However, the V21E was made available in only 6 countries and only for the the open version of O3D, not the carriers version. And that's because it's the carrier's responsibility to release it on the phones, not LG. For example, according to the link above, an owner of O3D in Greece, Poland or Portugal can update to the V21E only if he owns the open version of the phone. If he owns a carrier version of the phone, he's still stuck with V20A or V20D versions that suffer from ghost calls.

The same I suppose will happen when/if ICS will be released. First, will be released the open ICS version in some countries and then each carrier will decide to release it (or not) for their branded O3Ds. Of course, as with the GB V21E, even if ICS won't be available on your country or carrier, there's always a way to flash it on our phones. ;)
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    New Hopes!

    Guys we have new hopes,

    Lately LG said this: theverge. com/2012/5/30/3051806/lg-optimus-lte-tag-vu-ics-upgrade-june

    And short after they rolled out ics for optimus lte as promised
    theverge. com/2012/6/2/3059367/lg-optimus-lte-android-4-0-update-korea

    So this indicates that LG finaly keeps to his promises! :D
    Ghost call issue was a bad luck, anyone can dislike LG because of that i can accept that. But there is no longer ghost call, and many people says "oh, im not buying lg anymore because they didnt release ICS for O3D yet." I think that's bullshit, even if ics came what would change? when it came, they would begin start with something else.
    its coming...

    i emailed LG the other day to see about V21E coming to the UK, and the support guy odly answered this question instead. Here's the email:

    Thank you for your email regarding the P920 handset.

    Based on the information you have provided me with and reading through your query, I would like to apologise for the issues you are experiencing with your handset , however i would advise that ICS update for the P920 will available from September , as our developers are working to make the software bug-free when released. It is currently in the testing phase.

    seems that we should hopefuly know soon!
    This thread has become more of a 'hate LG' thread than anything else. People simply assume we won't get ics, they keep complaining about how LG is **** and how other brands are better.

    This complaining isn't going to get anyone anywhere. It's useless.

    Here's the deal. Ricardo seems to be working on gingerbread for now. I'm sure that once 7.2 stable is released, work will continue on CM 9. I believe the drivers etc. can simply be ported without too much effort.

    If Ricardo works on our device after 7.2 stable, I don't think it will take extremely long until the first CM 9 nightly.

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    Unless someone sees a reason to keep this thread open, I'll close it. Please pm me if you disagree.

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