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Feb 17, 2021
Hi everyone!
I just flashed this ROM and when my m8 was meant to reboot it just went as far as the white HTC screen. Then it turned black and nothing else happened :((((((
Any idea what went wrong?
When pressing Vol up + Power I get the white sreen for a sesond and then the phone turns black again.

Edit: I got into TWRP via adb... but why on earth didn't the flash work? Any ideas?
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May 27, 2021
Hi everyone!
I just flashed this ROM and when my m8 was meant to reboot it just went as far as the white HTC screen. Then it turned black and nothing else happened :((((((
Any idea what went wrong?
When pressing Vol up + Power I get the white sreen for a sesond and then the phone turns black again.

Edit: I got into TWRP via adb... but why on earth didn't the flash work? Any ideas?

I just wasted 10 hours having the same problem. Turns out, non of the ROMs for the M8 will install with TWRP v3.##. After a downgrade to TWRP v2.8.7 it worked perfektly!

Maybe this information is still helpful to someone like us, using such an old phone these days :D

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    * Unlocked Phone @ HTCDEV or S-OFF
    * Custom Recovery
    * Common Sense, Brains and logic


    By downloading and flashing InsertCoin Custom ROM for HTC ONE M8 you agree to the following:
    • Your warranty is now void.
    • We are NOT responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
    • Support is limited. We do this as a hobby in our free time. We'll do our best to help you if you state your problem in clear English, with as much information as you can (what mods you selected, have you wiped, when exactly does the error occur, what type of phone you have (ul, l , ws etc.), what carrier, logcat and so on. The more information you offer, easier for us to help you. If you do not ask for support in clear English and with no information what-so-ever we will ignore your issue!
    • Leave the self entitled customer attitude at the door. We are under NO obligation what-so-ever to do anything for you. If we do it is because we like helping people. Using custom work published on XDA is not a right, it is a privilege. If you think otherwise please read here. Or watch this video.
    • NO Requests! When we work on InsertCoin we have in mind that we have to satisfy all users to a decent level. What works for us might not work for you and vice versa . We are not your personal ROM developers and it is not our job nor our intention to make everybody happy.
    • Do not come here asking "Hey mate, X rom has that awesome feature and if you don't implement it in your rom, I'll <insert whatever here>!" You flashed this ROM because you liked it at some point, if that change please stop using it.
    • Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed. As long as they are well documented and as long as you understand that NOT everything is possible.
    • NO ETAs! While we do our best to constantly work on the ROM to improve, *fix and add new features, again this is a hobby! There are periods when due real-life issues we can't spend too much time for InsertCoin! If this becomes an obligation passion fades and we might stop cooking the ROM


    • You must ask our express permission!
    • You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts or proprietary ICE code
    • If you get the permission when you use the files you MUST post proper link to this thread and mention
    • Not respecting this simple rules will lead to reporting to XDA Administrators.


    ROM Base features:
    • HTC Latest European Base: 6.12.401.4
    • Android 6.0 with up-patches from 6.0.1
    • HTC Sense 8 UI [Partially PORTED]
    • All languages enabled (FULL WWE)
    • Rooted with the latest SuperSU 2.72 thanks to @Chainfire
    • ForceEncrypt enabled
    • De-odexed
    • BusyBox, SQlite3, Bash & Nano shell
    • init.d & su.d support
    • sysro / sysrw binaries
    • Persistent ADB enabled
    • Ramdisk improvements
    • Battery life, performance and memory improvements
    • Disabled logging & removed bloatware
    • Stripped debugging info for improved performance
    • Optimized with latest SDK for improved performance
    • Trimmed partitions for improved performance
    • Zipaligned apps for improved performance
    • Advanced Power Menu - Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader & Safe Mode
    • Ambient display / Doze Support
    • Improved battery statistics > settings power
    • SystemUI Tuner - long press settings icon in pull down to enable
    • Fast fixes / updates
      [*]ICE Configurator


    Options are subject to change between app versions and ROM versions
    UI Tweaks
    • Sense Launcher Landscape Support
    • Infinite Apps in Folders
    • Allow All Rotations
    • Enable APM (Advanced Power Menu)
    • China Sense Recent App Style (has RAM usage monitor and kill-all button
    • China Sense Launcher (Alternative Launcher without app-drawer)
    • Right Cornet for quick QS pull down
    • Traffic Indicator
    • Traffic Indicator Color
    • MIUI Battery MOD
    • Disable NFC Notification
    • Disable USB Debugging Notification
    • Disable Power Saving Notification
    • Disable Android Sync Notification
    • Disable MTP Notification
    • Disable Heads Up Notification
    • Blink LED on notification while charging
    • AM/PM Clock styles
    • Battery Mods
    • Sweep2Sleep
    • Navigation Bar Size
    • Recent app soft button behavior
    • Volume Rockers behavior
    • Long press back button to kill foreground app
    • Dynamic Navigation Bar Color
    • Double Tap Status Bar to put the device into sleep
    • Control keyboard cursor with volume keys
    • Enable flashlight on long press power button
    • NFC Modes
    • HTC Power Manager
    • Haptic feedback duration
    • Ambient Display Settings
    • Increase Caller Contact Picture
    • Hide Photo Mask for low-res pictures
    • 4G / LTE Notification Switch
    • Auto Record Incoming Calls
    • Disable SMS to MMS Converstion
    • Toggle Fast Dormancy
    • MM Game
    • Toggle Boot Audio
    • Default USB Mode
    • Enhanced MM Permissions
    • Default app install location
    • Install as system app
    • Fix Permissions
    • ZipAlign apks
    • Mount System RW / RO
    • Trim Partitions
    • Wipe Dalvik
    • Wipe Cache

    ICE v8.2.0 21st October
    • Enable locking of long press power when device locked @LeeDroid
    • Enable locking of QS Pulldown when device is locked @LeeDroid
    • Removed delay and dialog when rebooting to recovery @LeeDroid
    • Removed delay in power button long press @LeeDroid
    • Enable Brightness Twilight mode (Adjusts gamma based on time of day) @LeeDroid
    • Removed delay and dialog when rebooting to recovery @LeeDroid
    • Removed delay in power button long press @LeeDroid
    • A selection of ART optimizations
    • Thanks @smeejaytee
    • HTC A9 Dex2Oat binary
    • add option root PHH SuperUser and Magisk and not rooted
    • ICEConfigurator v3.5.3 with InAppBilling
    • changed kernel to stock one




    mikrosmile, V6-Maniac, flar2, LeeDroid, lyapota, j to the 4n, Turge, show-p1984 , ivicask, omniw0lf, snq-, deagleone, shnizlon, topjohnwu, jcase, Captain_Throwback

    XDA:DevDB Information
    insertcoin m8, ROM for the HTC One (M8)

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 6.12.401.4
    Based On: HTC Sense Base

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 8.2.2
    Stable Release Date: 2016-11-03

    Created 2014-04-03
    Last Updated 2016-11-03

    InsertCoin Original applications

    InsertCoin Kontrol
    Team Lead developers:
    • mikrosmile
    • baadnewz
    • V6-Maniac
    • xXminiWHOOPERxX

    Team developers:
    • Try4Ce
    • trjlive

    PerApp color:
    • Change sll Sense theme colors on the go for most apps

    Extreme launcher remap
    • Remap EPSL app shortcuts for your favorite apps

    • Recent app style - AOSP/Sense
    • Statusbar clock style - Right/Center/Hidden
    • Disable Battery icon
    • Volume icon
    • Enable traffic monitor icon
    • Disable BT icon
    • Alarm icon
    • IME switch icon
    • Headphone icon
    • BoomSound/HK icon
    • Show 4G instead of LTE
    • Hide NFC icon
    • Disable Sync notification
    • Power saving notification
    • MTP notification
    • USB notification
    • Enable Horizontal quick settings (only 5 tiles)
    • Enable CPU usage in Extended dropdown panel

    • Enable Sense landscape support
    • Enable all rotations
    • Big picture in BlinkFeed
    • Disable navigation bar

    • Longpress back button kill active app action
    • Recent app button remap - Short press Menu/Long press Recent apps; Shortpress Recent apps/Longpress Menu
    • Media volume keys remap
    • Motion launch gestures remap - Various actions, custom app launch, disable each gesture separately

    • Enable AOSP lockscreen
    • Lockscreen left/right unlock action remap
    • Enable CRT animation
    • Turn on display when SMS is received
    • Auto brightness algoritm
    • Screen dpi
    • Disable noise suppression
    • Disable SMS to MMS conversion
    • Enable Bytecode verification
    • Change Low memory killer values
    • Enable Fast dormancy
    • Perform quick System optimization, SQL opmiziation, zipalign apps. Hyperdrive mode
    • Disable safe volume warning
    • Enable/Disable BoomSound/HK support

    InsertCoin Market
    The Market allows you to read latest news about InsertCoin ROM Development, some big changes in the Team and overall development proccess.
    Also it is the place where you can browse/donwload various System modifications, Icon packs, Bootanimation and many more to make your look unique with your desired preferences and likes​

    InsertCoin Zip Flasher
    The Zip flasher is a tool to easily flash multiple or single zip file at once. Browse all Files/Folders on your phone, add each file to list and after you finish with adding, hit Install all button, you will be rebooted to recovery and all the files you have choosen, will be installe automatically. After the queue is done, your phone will reboot back.​

    Donations / Piggy Banks / Extra MoDs / Zips


    While the ROM and mods are tested and most of the time is user side error, WE can't test / replicate all the conditions in the wild. So if you do encounter a bug you need to post the information in CLEAR ENGLISH (not lolcat English, not Google Translate English, if that's too hard for you then try posting it in Romanian / Russian / Dutch, if neither or the four work for you stop there.!)

    The more information you offer the easier for us to fix and make everybody happy. We need most importantly a LOGCAT for your issue.
    There are thousands of tutorials about how to get a logcat. Check this or this or aLogcat from Google Play . I'm pretty sure if you search more tutorials will pop up.

    Besides logcat we need to know what version of ROM, what device variant you have, what you selected during AROMA install (this one allows you to save an install log, that will also help), what market mods you have installed, and explanation how to reproduce the error .


    Users Signatures



    credits @Try4Ce for both user banner and thread banner​
    Sense 6 + Lollipop

    So a little more info about lollipop IC

    I started working on it (well looking through it mostly) and.

    1. a lot of stuff changed so will take a while to get all done and more importantly not all tweaks from KK can be ported / make sense on new L
    2. for the time being I'm working alone on it. mikro and V6 are busy with real life for now. so again time..
    3 I'm having a pretty full plate myself also, between work and family i have to find time for rom as well
    4. IC is made over WWE base not DEV, WWE isn't out yet, but the difference between dev and wwe are minimum so I can work with current release to save time until WWE is out and then update to it
    5. Probably pretty soon Sense 7 from m9 will be leaked / or m9 released and i'm pretty sure some fans here would like to see it running on their m8 before HTC updates it, so I'll have to dose the time and effort put into this rebase
    6. Hopefully by Friday evening you'll be able to test a Release Candidate but this is not a promise :)

    Thanks, for taking the time to read this
    If all goes well we should have sense 7 by end of the week with tweaks and everything

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