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Hello, here is the Iconify and tutorial for the EsterOS clock (some of you may know).

!Warning! This will only work on AOSP/ Pixel ROM.

1. Install Magisk
2. Reboot to OS
3. Install Iconify.apk and Complete the setup of the App then restart the device.
4. Open magisk, Allow Zygisk, and Flash Riru and LSposed from the Package i sent. 5. Restart the device.
6. Go to notifications and Select LSposed manager.
7.Turn on Iconify in the Lsposed manager.
8. Open iconify > Lsposed options > clock style.
Link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1111940835542564864/1111940968338444329/EsterIfy.zip
If not works. Then download it from here.


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