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Nov 24, 2008
Seattle, Wa
Thank you for donating I really appreciate it!
Kelly Kretchek, George Denning, David Prince, Jaime Garcia, Judith Anderson, James Thompson, Mark Schafer, Dave Stott, Jeffrey Linduska, Ramadan Mahdi, Bill Lacy, Heather Haynes, Jordan Graustark, William (Bill) Miller, Darald Fischer, Ulrich Mueller, Sue Griffiths, Andy Beyard, Antonio Taveras, Krista Baughman, Bill Lacy, Erik Hasenkamp, Michael Smith, Jon Baker, Karen Roper, David Muench, Patricia Bills, Fernando Guime, Ralf Nobbe, Brian Gruzs, Jason Elliott, Elizabeth Correa, Suzanne Griffin, Jerry Marshall, Anne-Grethe Meyer, Terri Hine, Emmanuel Jr Gison, Juanita Smith, Jonathan Eaton, Nicholas Flores, Kevin Princiotta, Nicholas Flores, Robert Wiley, Donna Mosher, Jose Manuel Patino Lopez, Neil Chiasson, Antonios Sountoulidis, Florencio Santibanez, Cathrine Daily, Deborah Rogers, Juanita Smith, Marta Hintz, Brandon Feldmeier

Link to the sets HERE

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Apr 9, 2010
By chance would anyone have the zooper clock for sc154 pink icons? Lost it and need to reinstall on my wife phone..it goes with these icons just in case..looked in the google drive file but cannot find..


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Nov 2, 2007

I downloaded one of the icon theme packs from the OP, installed the apk no problem and it shows on my phone but when I go to make a Zooper widget and want to change to an icon from SC, the option is not given to me, is there a special folder where SC Icon Themes should go?


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Dec 17, 2011
hola amigo me podrias pasar tu fondo de pantalla : confuso:: confuso:

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