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Mar 31, 2013
So flash the ROM for the old bootloader ..... Good luck ;) .....

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And don't forget to read the thread instructions:) .....


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Aug 5, 2010
Was a bit bored..

Me: By the way, how come there is no Jelly Bean for this phone?
Mobile Phone Support: it is just not available at the moment for your device
Me: It might be available in the future? Being developed, perhaps?
Mobile Phone Support: maybe, it would come from google, so they may have a better idea
Mobile Phone Support: i have tried to check before, but the updates actually come from Google, not LG

Their passion is just to lie, lol.
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Sep 16, 2013
Los angeles
Lol if this is true I wouldn't mind updating. I'm currently on domination from build 80. My phone is unlocked for att so stability is harder to find in the roms.. wonder if its really being developed

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May 26, 2010
This is what I get when I try and update


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Sep 16, 2013
Los angeles

It should work for the p990 i thought the o2x has a ics update working
What is your issue?
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Sep 16, 2013
Los angeles
Not sure how else to help as i do not have a p990 what i can say is search the forums there are alternatives to flashing ics into it.. i think dev tonyp had a ics rom.. look into that

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Jun 22, 2013
need help asap!!!

hello gents and ladies!i'd like some guru's help if possible.i got an optimus p990 2x that has Android version:2.3.4 ,basic something(form?)1035.21_20110725, kernel: and lge is lgp990-v20r...so the problem is:i'm a complete NOOB when it comes to updating my Android version!!!can someone please sent me a p.m. with a step by step update go through(what to do and in what order to do things...)?i know there are a ton of custom versions out there,but my main concerne is if there is a custom rom that can give the dual core processor some more RAM than the 384 it really has so that it doesn't laaaaaaag all the time....thank you in advance for your time and help!!!


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Sep 24, 2007
Hi guys,
Long time.

I am on the verge of getting a new device, but just saw that Android 4.4 will be better optimized for low ram devices.

Is there a chance we will get 4.4?

I read somewhere that due to the lack of neon support from tegra 2 soc, there's almost no chance...

Anyone has any insight on this?

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    I got a free wifi pass at my hotel so I thought let's do a quick read through xda.
    I read the 30 new pages in this thread as well, do you think I need psychological help? :D

    Anyways, as someone else (mustangtim) wrote about it in the G2x section I can finally write it without some stupid hints here as well:
    Ricardo has a fully working P990 CM10 version (yes, with hwa). He got an earlier su660 ics dev leak directly from LG, even before leaks were on their server.
    The leak was a little different though, he was able to boot with the kernel.
    Long story short: jb runs great. He can't release it as he can't damage his good relationship to LG, I think you can understand that - so don't bug him about it.
    I'm just writing this to answer the people who have doubts.
    We will get cm10 as soon as the su660 kernel source drops. And it does run great on our hardware.

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    Hello everyone.

    I have seen the tweets from LG Canada posted here and since then those tweets have propagated through out other web outlets but I think way too much has been made of the LG Canada ICS update statement. The OP either did not understand the context of the statement or just had a "I'm the first to get an official answer from someone at LG" moment and got a little excited posting the info. So I thought I would give some insight into the statement so people, particularly worldwide, can understand what is going on and why that statement came from LG Canada.

    In Canada phones are sold through carriers. There are no companies that sell unbranded phones, well there are small shops that import phones but their sales are so small that they are not worth noting and they are almost considered grey market as they will not support the phones officially. Since there are no unbranded phones in Canada the carriers control the availability of a phone model which also means they control the updates to their branded model. If the carriers are not interested in supporting the phone it does not get any support period. There are Galaxy Nexus owners still on 4.0.1 when using carrier updates!

    Now specifically to the Optimus 2x in Canada. The phone was not that popular and was really only picked up by carriers to use the "first dual core phone" LG marketing hype to make them look like they are cutting edge. From what I remember the phone was only picked up by three carriers. Two AWS carriers (which are small players) Mobilcity and Wind, and one major carrier Rogers which put it under their "budget" sub-brand Fido. Mobilicity dropped the phone quite awhile back so they are out of the picture. Wind has recently EOL the phone and they did not even bother with the GB update so they are out. That leaves Fido.

    Fido did get the GB update but never shipped the devices with the GB update. I got my 2x in March and it still had Froyo on it. My guess is Fido had not reordered stock from LG since after the GB update so that is quite awhile ago. The only way to get the upgrade is if the customer does it themselves via LG tools. This should give you an indication of how many they are selling and how well they support the device. :rolleyes: While Fido still offers the 2x they recently dropped the price which usually means they are trying to get rid of their stock before they discontinue the device so they are 2/3 out. Carriers are not interested in spending time/money updating devices they are either not selling or about to stop selling. They want to sell new phones hopefully with new/renewed plans. Updating a phone could cost them a sale. This is not LG's behavior but the carriers.

    When a phone is banded by a carrier usually the carrier sends the specs (boot animations, artwork, network configs, apps to included, etc.) to LG and LG preps a ROM build which is put on the phone at shipping for the carrier. Since all the phones in Canada are branded and none of the carriers are requesting an update LG Canada does not need to consult LG HQ about the standing of ICS for the 2x. My feeling is When the LG rep on Twitter was asked the question they looked up the status of the 2x with the carriers. The status probably mentioned that there is "no future orders" and no request for ROM updates. That made it safe for the LG Canada rep to say on Twitter that there will be no ICS updates for the Canadian 2x. The rep did not contact LG HQ about the ICS update. Basically the LG Canada's statement is not based on technical reasoning but market reasoning.

    What these means for us Canadians is that we are out of luck for an official carrier branded ICS update. We can now add carriers to the nVidia / LG list of people to ***** about for the lack of an ICS update. Our only option is to go with an unofficial ROM but quite frankly the carrier ROMs suck. The ROMs created by the XDA community are far superior and I would have gone with an unofficial ICS build anyways. From what I understand as long as one country gets an ICS build the drives can be used to build general ROMs that Canadians can use. From observation the 2x is still popular in other areas. I think if there is an update the first will probably be Korea. I would say look there for more accurate information.

    TL;DR version:

    1. LG Canada does not control updates in Canada, the carriers do.

    2. The carriers have either dropped or are in the process of dropping the 2x thus the carriers are not interested in updates.

    3. LG Canada was able to safely give an official statement about the 2x Canada at this time based the carriers not wanting an update, not based on technical information from LG HQ.

    4. LG Canada statement should not be viewed as an early indicator of LG's general position on the ICS update for the 2x. This is not a leak.

    I hope that explains the situation better and how to read the meaning behind the LG Canada tweets. For people who have been using the LG Canada statement as "ZOMG this is the beginning of the end, EVERYONE PANIC!!! LG SUCKS!" fodder, and that includes you tech bloggers reading this, please stop and understand the situation. LG may still not deliver an ICS update but this is not the sign that it is not coming. Look else where.

    Also people stop assaulting the LG Canada feed with questions about your country or LG world wide. I know that LG Canada seems to be the only one responding to questions but LG Canada can only speak for the situation in Canada which as outlined is somewhat unique. Bug your own country LG reps as that might yield more interesting information for everyone.

    I will also mention that I think people are being really impatient with LG. Many companies are still in the process of updating their own devices from the same generation to ICS and last I heard only around 10% of devices have ICS or JB. I agree people should be pissed with LG because of LG's failure to live up to their promises (which BTW if they don't deliver could be grounds for a class action suit) but LG is not unique in anyway with their lateness of ICS updates. If anything I think LG trying to be the first one with a dual core, LG likes to be the first at things to keep up appearance i.e. dual core, 3D, LTE, etc., and in that rush probably either pressured nVidia to pump out a rushed chipset or nVidia offered them a first gen chipset to beat everyone. As such to make the commitment technical details probably were not completely sorted out thus we have a unpopular first gen chipset that most manufactures skipped over and nVidia doesn't want to waste much time on.

    That being said I do believe that an ICS update will eventually come from LG but this is my last LG device.

    Good first post ? ;)
    Once RC releases the initial cm10 in the github for p990, I would suggest all kangers/rom devs don't just use RCs stuffs before RC even releases cm10 officially for p990.

    Don't repeat same mistake as per p970.

    I don't represent all but this is my personal opinion.
    ICS Camera HAL for P990/SU660

    this is a ICS camera HAL for P990/SU660.

    based on Raviprasad V Mummidi for Qcom camera

    tested on the SU660 (Optimus 2X model in Korea)

    Please see also:
    - [Dev] ICS Camera Driver Development by zivan56 @ xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1379368
    - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20281617&postcount=17
    - https://github.com/Andromadus/android_hardware_qcom_camera

    It is needed to revert "MemoryHeapBase: Save and binderize the offset"
    commit f24c4cd0f204068a17f61f1c195ccf140c6c1d67
    It break binary compatibility of libbinder.so with CM7/GB.


    and some simple wrapper functions are needed (please see libui.patch included in the attached tarball)
    like as
    extern "C" status_t _ZN7android7Overlay13dequeueBufferEPPv(void* buffer)
        return NO_ERROR;

    camcoder(video encoding) does not work now :)
    I'm surprised there isn't a port of LG's SU660 ics stock rom.

    There are, Kostja_V's and Harsh's rebuilds.

    I got some time over the weekend.
    If arcee won't release CM10 I will play around with the Stock ROM.
    I already repacked (read: decluttered) the ROM to fit it into the stock system partition, I'd only need to compile a new kernel which uses the old bootloader and have to check the partition stuff.
    If it works as expected you won't have to use nvflash to change the partition layout anymore - a simple CM10 flash would be enough.

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