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[ICS][Mini/MiniPro/LWW/Active] Real ICS r6 (based on 4.1.B.0.587) ~ 24-Sep-2012

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Dec 30, 2009

Somehow my Wi-Fi connection isn't working,

Any guess?

Nevermind. I did some search and found a solution.
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bright night

Jun 18, 2012
Hi Kobzar666
We expect to see a new work of u , i should say we like your marvelous Roms and it's while that we look forward :)
I think it would be good if publish a new rom base on JB
Thanks a million and Good Luck
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Aug 25, 2012
I think he is right your real ics rom was amazing you have to make a new rom based on android 4.2.2
I don't know why, but I got the feeling that this rom will never be updated, anymore. It would be nice if the developer himself would tell us that, just for us to relax and move on. I personally edited the rom to have small apps and all othe new things that appeared since september 2012 (thanks to sandy7's tutorial and other roms from where I borrowed different apps or .pngs for framework-res.apk) so I'm very happy with this rom. And I recommend you guys to do the same or move to another rom (if you don't know or don't have the time to do that).
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Dec 5, 2011
You can (temporary or not) move to my ROM, it is based on Real ICS, and other work of kobzar666. See thread started by me in my profile.


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Aug 25, 2012
Yes, or move to himasura's rom. It's based on real ics, but updated with latest features. I never tried it, because I spended a lot of time bringing this rom up to date for myself, but himasura's rom appears to be promising.


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Dec 31, 2011
Yes, or move to himasura's rom. It's based on real ics, but updated with latest features. I never tried it, because I spended a lot of time bringing this rom up to date for myself, but himasura's rom appears to be promising.

Did you manage to get small apps running and keep all the customisations with the borders on the shutdown screen etc... this rom looks (and runs) so well, most of the mods I added ended up losing the customised menus etc :(


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Aug 25, 2012
Did you manage to get small apps running and keep all the customisations with the borders on the shutdown screen etc... this rom looks (and runs) so well, most of the mods I added ended up losing the customised menus etc :(
Here are the .pngs "responsable" for kobzar's wonderfull window style. Just paste them using .7zip to framework-res.apk (to res/drawable-mdpi or drawable-hdpi), then decompile and recompile again using apk multi-tool. That's what I did.
Or upload it here and I'll do it for you, if you get stuck.
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    Based on the latest Official Sony ICS 4.1.B.0.587



    Installation instructions​
    1. Copy the zip file to your SD card
    2. Reboot your device in CWM
    3. Make a full data wipe-factory reset
    4. Wipe cache and Dalvik cache
    5. Choose install zip from sd card
    6. Wait for installation to finish, reboot and follow the sony setup wizard through the rest of the setup process
    7. Reboot again and enjoy!

    Known bugs

    Please report me the bugs!​




    Real ICS r1 - 2012-06-13
    • Deodexed all system files;
    • Init.d support;
    • Pre rooted;
    • Added tweak collection in init.d and build.prop;
    • Aroma Installer;
    • Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine and xLoud;
    • Added add blockers;
    • Themed statusbar to ICS Stock (AOSP style);
    • Xperia S Walkman player;
    • Wave lock screen;
    • Walkman Z bootanimation;
    • Reboot,Reboot to CWM on power menu;
    • Increased sound steps;
    • Xperia NXT widgets;
    • Modified Xperia NXT call screen;
    • Customizable quick panel;
    • Skip track via long press volume (up=next, down=prev).

    Real ICS r2 - 2012-06-18
    • Full black keyboard layout;
    • Screenshot on power menu;
    • Long press back button kill app;
    • Stock Walkman icon in player;
    • GPS Configured for more effective location locate system;
    • Added DSPManager with worked xLoud;
    • All media recording set to High Quality;
    • New SpaceTravel themes;
    • All unnecessary software removed.

    Real ICS r3.1 - 2012-06-25
    • Universal Installer for all Xperia MDPI 2011;
    • Worked LED notification;
    • BeatsAudio V3.0;
    • Xperia NXT apps (launcher, clock, note, gallery, photo editor);
    • Xperia NXT Walkman player full port (worked music visualizer, clear bass, surround sound);
    • Xperia S media files;
    • Added new tweak collection in init.d;
    • Build.prop completely optimized;
    • Customized installation;
    • Powersaver.

    Real ICS r4 - 2012-07-08
    • Faster and smoother;
    • Removed some more apps unimportant;
    • Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine v2;
    • Xperia NXT images charge offline;
    • Xperia NXT apps (calculator, keyboard, phonebook, sound recorder);
    • Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher v1.1;
    • New Google Play Store (Jelly Bean Edition);
    • Bootsound;
    • Fixed brightness (hw_config.sh);
    • Fixed barometer sensor for Active;
    • Fixed sound problem in speaker (now mono) for Mini/MiniPro/Active;
    • Fixed APN;
    • Jelly Bean transition animations;
    • Updated some apps;
    • New player buttons on lockscreen;
    • New status bar (Jelly Bean and AOSP icons);
    • Jelly Bean wallpers;
    • Camera HQ Mod;
    • New bootanimations (Sony Make Believe, Xperia, Jelly Bean);
    • Jelly Bean transition animations;
    • New Google Play Store (Jelly Bean Edition);
    • XSIncredibleBass v8.0;
    • Google Ears from Jelly Bean (optional);
    • LED Settings (thanks Lasan);
    • Fixed Ultra brightness;
    • Jelly Bean Ringtones and sounds.

    Real ICS r4.1 - 2012-07-10
    • Fixed Facebook;
    • Xperia NXT Movies (optional);
    • Fixed Facelock;
    • Xperia NXT Timescape;
    • Stock widgets (optional);
    • Jelly Bean fonts;
    • Disabled Xperia NXT Keyboard for MiniPro in Aroma;
    • Facebook apps (optional);
    • Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher v1.2.

    Real ICS r5 - 2012-07-26
    • New Xperia NXT apps (Settings, Phonebook, Timescape, Radio);
    • New build.prop and init.d tweaks;
    • Exclusive Walkman clocks (black and white);
    • Modded Xperia NXT Lockscreen and Phone;
    • New themes;
    • New status bar, power menu, settings and apps icons;
    • Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher v2;
    • Beats Audio;
    • New fonts;
    • WhiteMagic™ Brightness Control;
    • Modded Walkman player;
    • Updated some apps;
    • Less ram usage;
    • Playstation certified,libs and permissions;
    • Few new ringtones;
    • Removed Facebook;
    • Musiclight script for LWW (optional);
    • Fixed some bugs.

    Real ICS r5.1 - 2012-07-30
    • Beats Audio Notifier;
    • Fixed Facebook and Timescape;
    • New Xperia NXT apps (Email, SetupWizard);
    • Returned Facebook apps and Ultra Brightness in Aroma Installer (optional);
    • New tweaks;
    • Fixed Contacts Import;
    • New Camera libs;
    • Removed background transparent;
    • Fixed Reboot option in quick panel;
    • Fixed incoming call screen bug;
    • New system icons (AOSP style);
    • New style for Recent Applications;
    • Faster and lighter;
    • More optional apps in Aroma Installer;
    • XSIncredibleBass #3.1 with some mods;
    • Remove Walkman logo (from lockscreen and phone) option in Aroma;
    • More free memory in phone;
    • Maximum Audio Re-Sampling tweak in build.prop;
    • Fixed many small bugs.

    Real ICS r5.2 - 2012-08-07
    • Fixed transparent bug in Settings and other apps;
    • Wave lockscreen (optional);
    • Fixed work on locked bootloader (not tested);
    • SlaidyBoost Beta1;
    • Fixed Walkman lagging on lock/unlock screen;
    • Fixed adding ringtone from music library;
    • Fixed flash bug;
    • Fixed USB debugging mode notification;
    • Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher v3;
    • Stock themes (optional);
    • Beats Audio 07/31/12 (optional);
    • Updated some apps.

    Real ICS r6 - 2012-09-24
    Real Xperia

    Hi guys! Real Xperia will be released after release of 4.1.B.1.13 fw because I don`t want to port my mods again.
    Some screenshots what are already done:
    developement stopped? I'm using this rom and i think its the best of all. But some update is welcome.
    I was confused because stanlin Salou used almost all from my ROM (even from beta version of Xperia Ultimate) in his OctanEv and I wanted to stop developming. but later I decided to do something new and created Xperia Ultimate (it will be released very soon). After that I will update Real ICS.