[ICS][OTA][HTCCN_CHS] OFFICIAL OTA UPDATE has now come! 4.04+sense3.6!

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May 27, 2011
Sense 3.6. Anyone know if it has hit the UK? Going to assume it hasn't and can't check as my brothers phone is off for repair.

The wait for the kernel source begins!

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Aug 31, 2011
you'd think people would be going crazy on this thread lol! You can tell that a lot of people who owned the DS have got a new phone because this forum is pretty dead lately compared to how it once was :( I'm still here for another year yet :) 24 month contract ftw


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Mar 15, 2012
Has anyone flashed this yet it has a firmware zip and I'm quite scared it will s-on like the sensation did

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May 25, 2012
I doubt anyone has tested it apart from the uploader because the download is painfully slow. I think the hosting website caps the download at about 20kbs a second. I've been downloading it 20 mins after the thread was made and I'm only just passed half way

my download failed at 86% :S why host on such a scappy site. :S dont understand it. If u share something with people your ganna need a good host otherwise the speeds ganna get capped waste of time im ganna use the stock HTCCN RUU and see if it gives me the update. then once i download the update on my wifi ill upload the file to mediafire. DO NOT FLASH, it will turn your device s-on unless ur xtc clipped. This should have been mentioned by OP

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    download: http://pan.baidu.com/netdisk/singlepublic?fid=422025_1473413190
    I think if you don't plan to continue it may be easier to release in this thread. But nice work!

    I'll put the rom in my dropbox Folder!
    When the file is Up and Load, I'll paste the link here!

    I forgot to test the bluetooth, and when i tried to start bloetooth i found that it won't start!
    So I was trying to find the reason why!
    And I found that I have deleted dbus.conf from /etc.
    But now it is fully working and on it's way on the dropbox host!
    But I'm sorry, my upload is pure!
    nothing more than 50 kB/s.
    And it'll take long time till the rom is Up and loaded!

    About the tweaks?
    busybox run-parts workin so init.d scripts are fully working!
    IO partition-optimization

    removed htc spy bloatware

    build.prop tweaks

    sony bravia engine included

    I can add the smooth Rosie patch if you want to!

    I can change the font size too!

    everything else is fully stock!

    But it is hybrid between the leaked RUU, and the new Chinese OTA!

    multi language!

    I'll paste the link when the Rom is uploaded!
    Finaly with a litle modification of the updater-script i maged to flash the chinese ota update.
    It is fully workin, and what's interesting it is half english jalf chinese simbols.
    Now it is to late in here. So tomorow i'll pull the rom from my phone and make a flashable zip rom.
    Just to mention, the the kernel from this rom is mounting mmcblk0p28 on /system/lib.
    So you mast have hboot or the engenered one.
    I think that this rom is mich faster than the leaked one!
    Good night folks and untill tomorow!
    Just to mention once again. You will have full permission to continue with the work on the rom, because i don't have time!
    The kernel doesn't control this, it never has. Any ROM can work on any HBOOT with a simple change to init.saga.rc and the updater-script =)

    Remove the lines mounting /system/lib in both and then all the libs will end up on the system partition and it'll work on any HBOOT.
    It won't work!
    Because of the different sha1 hash code of the files!

    Stop shouting at us man - easy on the exclamation marks. I'm getting tinnitus here!

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    It is somewhat difficult for me due to hboot difficulties as mentioned above...
    As I am new to this flashing field

    OK now!
    I modified the boot.img.
    Also maybe later today I'll release highly tweaked rom, based on Virtuous Saga, but with a lot of files, and the boot.img bored from the new Chinese OTA!
    I have some problem with the size of the system.
    I need to figure out which apps, to move to data now!
    Because I modified init.saga.rc in the boot.img to do not mount the mmcblk0p28 on /system/lib.
    The rom is ultra fast, extremely stable, everything is working just perfect!
    And also I'll include one ported skin.
    But the rom will be released tonight!