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[ICS ROM]Tiramisu+ I.C.E.A.G.E. V.1.9.6 I'M DIFFERENT![CWM FileManager][AROMA][OTA]

CNA stop Developping. On what porting, should be based the Next Tiramisu?

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Sep 29, 2010

Welcome to the ICS Tiramisu I.C.E A.G.E ROM Thread

Version 1.0.0 till Version 1.9.5 of Tiramisu I.C.E are based on the excellent CodeNameAndroid ROM, An AOSP port of the latest Android 4.0 for the Nexus S.
However, the Developer of this rom has stopped developing. That's why we are looking for a replacement right now! (Possibilty's: AOKP | Dark Knight | Slim ICS | CM9 | CNA (no updates | Gummy | Maybe Others)

Tiramisu was the first ROM on the world powered by the AROMA Installer. This is a touch compatible, fully customizable Installer for Android in ClockWorkMod.
This way you can modify what you get installed with your rom via an easy to use interface!

Thanks to the AROMA Installer the posibillity's are huge on what you want installed with your ROM!

Here are some options you can choose from:
-7 Kernels! (CNA|Midnight|Semaphore|PlatyPus|FuguMod|Glitch|Devil2)
-7 Bootanimations!
-GApps | Inverted GApps | No GApps
-3 Theme's!
-9 Fonts!
-9 Animation Styles!
-±40 (addinational) Apps!
-6 Launchers! (Nova|Apex|TW|Nemus|Sony|CND)
Other great features are:
-Endless Customizations
-OTA Updates (Beta stage)
-OC Ability's
-Internal & External SD are visible on PC

Known Bugs
-CNA Bugs
-AROMA Language translations Bugs/Error's

Tiramisu I.C.E. A.G.E. V. 1.9.6 Final! Stable!

Older Versions:

As Always:
-100% charged battery and recalibrated
-ESSENTIAL: Backup your EFS Folder! (Possible in the AROMA Installer)

ONLY FOR TIRAMISU V 1.7 I.C.E. A.G.E and later

Guide when you are already on an ICS ROM (Any 4.0 ROM):

1) Place the ROM on your Internal-SD Card
2) Go into recovery mode
3) Wipe data | Wipe Cache | Wipe Dalvik Cache | Format /System
4) Flash the ROM and follow the AROMA Installer instructions.
5) Reboot

Guide when you are on a Gingerbread ROM:

1) Flash a Stock Gingerbread ROM
2) Flash a custom GB kernel
3) Flash an ICS kernel (Like the latest Midnight ICS)
4) Your phone will go into a bootloop -> Remove the battery and put it back.
5) Use 3-button-combo to get into recovery.
6) USB-Mount your SD Card & Place the ROM on your Internal-SD Card
7) Flash the ROM and follow the AROMA Installer instructions.
8) Reboot & Enjoy!


1) Have the Gingerbread bootloader installed (By flashing any GB ROM)
2) Gain root acces & flash Clockworkmod
3) In CWM wipe everything (Data | Cache | Dalvik | Format System)
4) Flash the ROM
5) Go into recovery (It will go into a bootloop, remove battery, replace it and use 3-button-combo to get into CWM)
6) In CWM wipe everything again (Data | Cache | Dalvik | Format System)
7) Flash the ROM again
8) Reboot & Enjoy!

NOTE: If the phone goes into a bootloop, experience strange bugs|Heavy slowdowns, or anything else that shouldn't happen: Try restarting @ Step 6 (For v1.6) | @ Step 3 (ICS V1.7 & Later)

ATTENTION: Flashing is ALWAYS at your own risk! I am not responsible for anything that has happenend to your phone!
DO NOT ask for an ETA for the the next version (or for a bug fix)!


Tepes4 Really thanks you!
wav2000 many many thanks!!!
CMiles1979 many thanks for the support!!!
Olarf Cool! Many Thanks for your Support!!!

Thanks Stoux for its changes to the thread
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Sep 29, 2010


Noble Black Theme:

Franzy Mod:

CR7S Theme:

Tiramisu+ Super Wallpaper Pack!
Different colour keyboards (White|Blue|Purple|Blue|Red|Orange|Variants/Mixes)
The Gingerbread Gallery App

TEST Modems | for recommended for advanced users only | Nexus S Modems

Be carefull with using these! Check out the thread for more Info!

1) I just installed your Tiramisu ROM, what do you recommend for proper use / a better ROM?

This totally depends on your own taste!
-You can overclock the CPU
-You can change the CPU Governer (Personally I have SmartassV2)
-You can disable the Bootanmation for a faster boot
-You can use the Apps & Tools like NStools & MiLocker to fully customize your rom to your desire's!

Watchout with overclocking your CPU, some kernels can be really unstable when it comes to Overclocking! Only do this when you really know what you are doing!

2) How do I increase my Wifi Signal (Because it is a very low signal/no signal at all)

-Try the ZSJPG Modem, it is supposed to have great signal strenght for Data|Wifi|Calls|SMS

3) I do not have the FM Radio, how do I get one?

Use the app "Spirit FM". Go to settings -> Regional band -> Select your country & Enjoy the music!
P.S. It seems that in 1% of all cases the use of this app disables the phone's speaker.

4) I have photos, music and/or contacts duplicated or even tripled, how do I fix this?

Clear the cache & Dalvik Cache, also reboot for a media storage scan.

5) What are the inverted GApps flashable with Tiramisu?

They are the main Google Apps with the colors inverted (Changed into Black & Blue). This is usefull because it saves battery, aswell beautiful! Thanks to RootzWiki!

6) Can I help with the develpoment of Tiramisu?

You can! Thanks to Stoux it is possible to port the AROMA Installer to your language. Check here for info.

Thanks Stoux for its changes to the thread
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Sep 29, 2010

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.9.6 Final[/B]

* Fixed bugs in 1.9 and 1.9.5 on installing Aroma (I hope!)
* New! Now Aroma is able to "remember" the choices made, for more convenient use of Modify! and other functions that will be implemented
* Better implementation of Debug Section; now before restore something Aroma delete the file or the folder selected for security and more clean purpose...
* Better Aroma Installation with possibility of no choice for kernel , modem, and other! (Please Make Attention!)
* Added in Wipe section the possibility of "Do nothing" (don't wipe anything and don't do EFS backup) instead of forced wipe or backup (make Attention too!)
* Porting of the Market Samsung by me, from latest Official Release
* Solved issue in Aroma when installing market samsung
* Solved bug on restore GApps
* Solved error code in Aroma like delete_recursive commands
* Many translations errors corrected!
* New Graphic installation Restyling 
* Updated Kernel Devil
* 3 New Modem:
--> UCKJ1
--> XWJV1
--> xxJW4
* Added keyboard Samsung
* Added Last CM9 Music App
* Implement and OPTIMIZED last GAPPS
* Updated language files
* Added Font Nokia Pure V2
* New MMS inverted APP! with bubbles and emojoy!
* Added New Launcher Miui!
* Updated several apps like:
- Flash Player
- Mi File Explorer
- Facebook
- Apex
- Su
- Miui Weather
- Contacts HD
- Notification Bar
- Update Me
- Other 

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.9.5 Final![/B]

* Added OTA Updates! Thanks Acquariusoft!
* Tiramisu is now available fully translated in 10 languages: Italian, English, Finnish, Danish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, German and Spanish thx to stoux, olarf, Me, Cabessiuis, Chourmovs, Ottomaani0, Makist, Cmiles, Miruim, Petza for the translations.
* Fixed a serious problem that could affect the installation "Modify"
* Framework-res.apk optimized
* Fixed GAPPS problem
* added new app SuperSu
* Updated Su binary
* Removed Superuser.apk
* New Function of Automatic EFS Backup!
* Now it's possbile clear cache and dalvik from Aroma
* Added and modified some tweaks
* Added Toggle notification - full opportunity to transform your notification bar
* Updated Kernel semaphore 1.1.1s
* Updated Kernel MNICS 202LR
* Updated Milocker
* Upgraded Titanium backup
* Updated Mi File explorer - Black Themed!
* Updated Nova Launcher
* Updated Launcher Apex
* Updated Facebook
* Updated MX video player
* Updated Notification Toggle Bar
* Added new font!
* Fixed restoring original font
* Added Contact Hd Uploader
* Added Power Amp Music Player

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.9[/B]

* Based on the latest nightly of 24/04/2012
* Optimized the code of the Aroma
* Optimized Entire System/App
* Zip-Aligned
* Removed redundant code and do general optimizations
* Added / Removed / Modified tweak in build.prop
* Implemented H3llStrom GPS Fix
* Now you can also customize the system app!
* Added Section Debugging allows you to:
- Restore the systemui.apk
- Restore the framework-res
- Restore the entire folder Framewrok
- Restore the System folder / App
- Restore the entire System folder
- More to add
* Updated Kernel Semaphore 1.0.1s
* Updated kernel 0.7.2 VC xL Devil 2
* Added 3 animations
- Twisted Rubik
- Twisted Rubik 2
- Twisted Rubik 3
* Added Undo Section: Restore Theme now works 100%
* Adding Mod Audio section:
- Allows you to add ringtones, notifications and system sounds of MiuiV4 Rom in different ways
* Added Possiblity of Installing Market Samsung
* Updated Notes for ICS
* Updated Titanium Backup
* Updated Mi File Explorer
* Updated Apex Launcher
* Implement Inverted GAPPS
* Updated Cr7s Theme
* Updated Titanium Backup
* Updated Mx VideoPlayer
* Updated Apex Launcher
* Updated Facebook
* Updated Mi File Explorer
* Updated Nova Launcher
* Re-implemented scripts lag-free
* Ability to remove GAPPS
* Fixed an issue of the Aroma installer for which some elements were not installed properly
* Removed some unnecessary elements
* Added app, Camera ICS
* Now Aroma is more intelligent!

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.8 Final[/B]

* New Base, now moves to Android 4.0.4!
* CNA Updated to version 2.0.0!
* Based on the latest nightly of 11/04/2012!
* Added New Theme! Noble Black!
* Added 6 new Animations!
- Vortex
- Rubik
- Psynflip
- Psynshift
- Chaos Revenge
- Stock
* Now Restore Theme Working! (Not Assicure Return to 100% at the Original Theme)
* More Intelligent Installer!
* Fixed TW4 FC
* Updated Kernel Devil 2
* Updated Kernel Semaphore V. 1.0.0
* Updated Kernel Midnight 143 LM
* Updated Default Kernel Rom
* Added new Modem ZWJV4
* Added Titanium Backup Latest Version
* Added new File Explorer! Mi File Explorer
* Added MIUI Weather Europe!
* Updated Theme CR7S!
* Updated BusyBox
* Updated Gmail
* Optimized the entire system
* Included Several Tweak
* Removed some scripts
* Updated ZipAlign
* Hey We are on 4.0.4 ANDROID!

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.7 Final[/B]

* Based On latest CNA Nightly Build (03/04/2012) Android 4.0.3
* Optimized and Zipalignedall apk and system app
* Patched for 387 and 400 MB Ram Kernel
* New Installation method Modify: You can change or make a new choice after installing the rom! (without reinstalling the entire ROM!)
* Updated Kernel Midnight
* Updated Kernel Semaphore
* Added Kernel Devil 2
* Added possibility of choose 8 different fonts! (See [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1562056[/url] for info )
* Added possbility of choose no Bootanimation
* Updated CR7S Theme!
* Updated Cobalt Theme by Franzy!
* Added Swype Installation
* Script LagFree updates
* Updated and modded Google Play 3.5.16
* Latest and Full Root Browser!
* Added TouchWiz Clock
* Added Home Switcher
* Added 2 Live Wallpapaer (Waterize and Particle LW)
* Added Sense 4.0 Clock
* Added Sony Launcher!
* Added Nemus Launcher!

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.7 Beta 2.2[/B]
* Beats audio Fix
* Script LagFree updates

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.7 Beta 2.1[/B]
* Theme installation Fix

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.7 Beta 2[/B]
* Some bugs Fix
* Modem installation Fix
* Somme kernel installation Fix
* Fc App MIUI Fix
* Not Cancelled Miui Home Fix
* You can rightly see the changelog
* Not cancelled Touchwiz, even if it hasn't been chosen during the installation, Fix
* You can choose if you want install Beats Audio System or not
* 3 Bootanimations added
* Many apps update
* 2 apps added
* New installable Theme
* Cr7s' theme update
* You can rightly instal inverted keyboard

[B]Tiramisu+ I.C.E. V. 1.7 Beta 1[/B]
AROMA installer 2.0 Alpha 6 integrated! It is the first Rom in the world for i9000 with the ultimate version of Aroma installer!!
* During the installation, in the AROMA's home, you can choose:
- New walcome screen
- New animation (thanks cr7s)
- Italian translation corrected
- You can choose 4 themes
- Touch pre-calibration
- New Roboto Font in the installation
* Based on the last nightly CNA of the 28/03/2012
* CNA updates to 1.5.6 version
* APN Fix
* Youtube modded added to see the HD 720 videos both with the wifi and mobile datas!
* Some apps as MiuiHome, Free Spirit Fm, Apex, Notes for ICS updates
* New Miui music
* New kernels avable( always the last version of these one):
-Semaphore 0.9.5b
-Semaphore 0.9.7
-CNA Default
* New modems avaible
* New colors and mod avaible
* Framework modded avaible(thanks cr7s)
* SystemUi modded avaible(thanks cr7s)
* all apps optimized
* RootBrowser Full!!! Exclusive of the Tiramisu rom!!!
* New BootAnimation!

[B]Tiramisu + I.C.E. V. 1.6:[/B]

* Based on the latest nightly of 14/03/2012
* Optimize and update the system app and framework.res now only 5MB!
* The ROM is about 10MB smaller
* Updated LagFree V. 2.0 to version 2.0.1 improves performance and battery life
* Removed redundant script
* Updated several apps like Facebook, Free Spirit Fm, Nova Launcher, Notes for ICS
* Fixed Bug MIUI music player
* New options available to customize the ROM!
* Updated default.prop for better performance and better LMK
* Modem JVU (although the options will always say JVT)
* List APN enlarged
* Host File Updated
* Probably more

[B]Tiramisu + I.C.E. V. 1.5.2:[/B]

* Updated LagFree 1.4 to version 2 which improves performance
* Fixed several errors in the script
* Removed some tweaks in build.prop and placed in default.prop
* Updated with Facebook and Nova Launcher
* Added scripts for Touchscreen (more sensitive)

[B]Tiramisu + I.C.E. V. 1.5.1:[/B]

* Used the LMK Thunderbolt and Implemented 1.4 LagFree
* Update Spirit FM Radio
* Updated Notes for ICS
* Updated MIUIMusic now online services work!
* Submissions in other Tweak build.prop

[B]Tiramisu + I.C.E. V. 1.5:[/B]

* All bugfixes of the CNA 1.5.0 (remember more than 50 bug fixes)
* Tweak the number build.prop
* Optimized and improved script in init.d
* Kernel changed Semaphore 0.9.1
* Fixed missing Galaxys Setting in the Tiramisu + 1.3
* Different app updated as:
- Market
- FM Radio
- MiuiLocker
- Last version of FlashPlayer
- Updated player MIUI
- Notes for ICS
* Removed OpenGarden WiFi
* Added FoxFi for the tether
* Adding HomeSelector to change Launcher
* Added Galaxys II Launcher
* Fixed Sound Recorder!
* Modem JVU
* Other that do not remember

[B]Tiramisu I.C.E. V. 1.4[/B] (released to the public after the 1.5, because of the arrival of CNA 1.5.0):

* Based on nightly of 04/03/2012
* Various code optimizations
* Updated various app
* Added launcher TouchWiz ICS
* Fixed install of Google Chrome
* Surely other that I can not remember

[B]Tiramisu I.C.E. V. 1.3:[/B]

* New base ROM!
* Updated kernel Semaphore version 0.9.1
* Problem of recognition card external memory Fixed
* Problem of recognition from the PC's of the external memory card Fixed
* Put back the default theme (modded theme Flashabile separately)
* Several enhancements to the UI, and to the framework
* Removed about 30MB from app system, then the greater fluidity and speed of system
* Fixed Battery Drain (awaiting feedback)
* New options available in the Settings menu
* Removed Multi Mount Sd Card
* Optimized the Bootanimation now requires only about 4 MB
* Probably more
Banners! (Thanks cr7s user from androidiani.com):

Copy and paste the code into your signature to be a true fan! :D


(cr7s thanks robin for the inspiration)




Google (for Android O.S.)
Samsung (for this amazing device)
Me, my Family and my Girlfriend
All XDA community
Andoidiani Community

AndroidUsers0000001110001 (for creating project of CNA)
DaxInfinity (for His initial porting of this Rom)
rtfpessoa (for continuing Dax work)
cr7s 1st Official Supporter Design (Awesome!)
Pietrone94 and M3t3or4
Stoux2 a tireless Man! I loves this Guys!
Olarf for his for his continued help others and to support the Rom love you too :D
Tester and Official Supporter's (Big Thanks!)
Pikachu (for some system scripts used in the ROM) Thanks :D!
stratosk (for Amazing Kernel used in the ROM)
kik0o (for the image of installation, changelog, credit, etc used in the thread)
All Beta Testers, who from time to time test and report bugs and imperfections with great patience and professional :D.

Thanks Stoux for its changes to the thread
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Sep 29, 2010
saw it at androidiani and tried it for a few hours without problems, but as i said, just tried a few hours, will try longer in some days i think.

thx & greetz,

I hope this time you'll stay a little longer on my Rom :D

nice, thank you! the only thing you have to do is translating the banners ;)

la proverò :)
I will when I have some time, (almost never :D)
For the rom, I hope you will try soon ;)
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New member
Jan 28, 2012
i tried it a lot and also now i'm trying it...awesome!! really great!! i suggest everybody to try it!! good work!! :D

Inviato dal mio Galaxy S con ICS :D... chiaramente usando Tapatalk
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New member
Jan 8, 2012
Yes!!! Finally Tiramisu is on XDA!!! I have tried this Rom posted on Androidiani.com...IT' S AMAZING, SMOOTH & FAST, compared TO original CNA :) ...inverted Gapps and keyboard are fantastic!!!
P.S. Lulu ( o DJ SOUND :) sono Peppesound di Androidiani ;)

Inviato dal mio GT-I9000 usando Tapatalk
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New member
Jan 28, 2012
Yes!!! Finally Tiramisu is on XDA!!! I have tried this Rom posted on Androidiani.com...IT' S AMAZING, SMOOTH & FAST, compared TO original CNA :) ...inverted Gapps and keyboard are fantastic!!!
P.S. Lulu ( o DJ SOUND :) sono Peppesound di Androidiani ;)

Inviato dal mio GT-I9000 usando Tapatalk
i agree with everything...inverted gapps are awesome
p.s. nessuno ha mantenuto il nome rotfl

Inviato dal mio Galaxy S con ICS :D... chiaramente usando Tapatalk
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New member
Aug 16, 2010
When I try to download:

>Error (509)
>This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily >disabled!

Please, upload on other host.


New member
Sep 26, 2010
y there is download error :( .. plzzz fix it ,,
i want to try it :D
use my link instead ;) maybe lulu ca put it in the first post. mediafire will be online in 5 minutes

---------- Post added at 07:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:50 PM ----------

y there is download error :( .. plzzz fix it ,,
i want to try it :D


thnx for new link
ok you were faster :D
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