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Jan 26, 2012
Do I recognize correctly that development for this ROM has been stopped in favour of JB arrival? Didn't see any more changes for a couple of weeks now ... :-/



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Jul 28, 2009
As I said before, once I will find the changes needed for camera I'll release v7, might male a new nightly tomorrow

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Jul 28, 2009
If I manage to find a patch for jelly Bean, sure (again, after 15 August)

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Dec 29, 2011
So .... how about camrea ?!!!!
and ubentuz said he was writing a framework for 3D on sense 4 ,,, what happend with that ?!


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Dec 2, 2011
@Ubuntuz: still you continue working on this rom? Please :(

3D isn't usefull but camera is usefull!!!


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Jul 28, 2009
@Ubuntuz: still you continue working on this rom? Please :(

3D isn't usefull but camera is usefull!!!

ICS is discontinued,as Jelly Bean is going much better and it's on the same state as this one
I have no plans about camera,I still don't see any open source fix,so,for now camera won't be fixed

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    Android Open Kang Project

    There are many many more tweaks/adjustment throughout the whole ROM, take a look at the change logs

    • built from AOSP -- using 4.0.4
    • power menu (source)
    • ICS style toggles
    • superuser and busybox built from source, included
    • deodexed and unsecure boot.img (for adb remount)
    • Facebook contact sync
    • ROM Control application lets you take control of your ROM. Customize it how you want it.
    • Navigation Bar options and layouts (search bar layout, menu visibility options,etc) -- long press search button enabled
    • IME Switcher toggle (show/hide notification when you type)
    • Customize your carrier label
    • Override lockscreen timeout (ie, use Android's timeout when turning the phone off, so it won't lock itself)
    • LED pulse timing options
    • Statusbar toggle options
    • much much more in there
    • 1% battery mod built in (check ROM Control) -- two styles, center and off center
    • Unique Power Saver functionality
    • Turn data off while your screen is off (GSM phones can switch to 2G)
    • manually sync at a time interval for all your accounts (Gmail, etc)
    • Check out all the options in ROM Control
    • Additional Tweaks to be ran at startup!


    Current version:

    Old versions:

    Google apps are required to make sure that the build works correctly
    I use this

    • Camera
      Ubuntuz is working on this​
    • 3D panel

    • V6
      • Updated Kernel
      • Fixed USB Mass Storage
      • Fixed Bluetooth
      • Fixed Wireless Tethering
      • Updated to build 37
    • V5
      • Updated kernel to HTC Ics leak
      • Music app is built in
      • Deep Sleep works fine
      • Updated base to build 35
        This means: Theme Manager,Even more tweaks & customization,Recent apps menu can be customized too​
    • V4
      • Updated to build 34
      • Kernel changed to Mdeejay's CAF ICS kernel,based on Teamevo's kernel
      • Overclock is now supported
      • Overall more stable,thanks to the kernel
      • Volume keys fixed
      • Updated proprietary libs to ION
    • V3.5
      • Brought back the awesome team kang boot anim
      • Fixed init.d support
      • Further fixed built-in tweaks and overclock tools
      • Added some proprietary wallpapers and Nova Launcher
      • No more based on a CDMA port,built from source,updated on 8/4/12
      • Fixed Bluetooth
      • Fixed USB Mass Storage
      • Switched to CyanogenMod 9 kernel(Not tweaked yet due to some problems)
      • Fixed Signal Meter
      • Fixed Built-in overclock app
      • Updated the base to Android 4.0.4
    • V2
      • Using new QCOMM libraries for ICS
        This should bring more speed overall​
      • APNs are choosen automatically now
    • V1
    • First version

    • AOKP team for making such a nice source
    • Mdeejay for the kernel
    • Ubuntuz for the tests,the help and java things he's fixing
    • Udem for being a tester
    • HTC for the ICS leak
    • Teamevo,for the kernel,and for the tips to make this booting
    • Toastcfh and Cayniarb for the kernel and the device tree
    • e334 for the various porting tips
    • Goo.im & Dev-host for the awesome hosting service
    • Goo.im for being the most epic hosting service and for giving me a build box
    • Neopeek team for the help and for the tests
    • Great_Day for the server
    Here there are the most recent nightlies (Will clean probably once per week)
    Nightlies on Goo.im
    Most of these will be untested,but I'll offer support on #neopeek on irc.freenode.net
    Live Support:
    If you need live support,join now #neopeek on irc.freenode.net
    If you really wish to be grateful,donate to goo.im guys and help them with their fundraising
    Goo.im Blog
    i am in process of rewrites Camera HAL

    i have a few hour this week to work it.
    Some news:
    Started AOKP JB,probably tomorrow will start building
    I'm working with Ubuntuz to fix camera,if everything goes good,expect a release soon
    Heyo guys,

    Just another little update on the camera - I am so damn close! There seems to be error after error but I keep on fixing them :p Just hold tight for a bit!