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Sorry to revive the necro thread, but I've been searching for lots of information and can't find out why my mic isn't working. Same (or very similar unit) to yours, in a 2017 WRX STI with HK, canbus installed, everything is working except the mic. I can't get it to pick up anything anywhere.

I made a separate post about it, and was advised to remove the mic and test in a laptop; haven't done it yet due to being busy + very cold weather outside + really don't want to undo my flush clips (they are hard).

I DID go to factory settings and try to enable the mic; no results.

So does yours just 'work'? and are you using the external mic or the one on the HU? Thanks in advance
yeah my mic just worked I'd suggest pulling it and testing it on another system
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Jan 23, 2023
yeah my mic just worked I'd suggest pulling it and testing it on another system
Yeah that's my plan, I just don't have another system to test it with. Fortunately, it's a 3.5 mm jack and then a harness. I know someone locally who has spare mics, so I'm going to pull the mic off, try to plug it into a computer, see if that works, then get my guy to see if he can send me a known working mic and try that. That. If neither of those work, then it's the harness or the unit itself, I just really hope it's not a software issue with the unit.

Idoing did reply, but they gave me the basic troubleshooting steps and those weren't sufficient, then they asked for the wiring diagram for my old head unit to see if they could make the harness to retain the old functionality of the stock mic, since my head unit is a little bit different than most of the ones for my car

It doesn't help that the inputs are on the back of the unit, not looking forward to pulling the dash again

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    So my unit arrived today:

    Got it to the point of plugging it in to test in the car.

    Adding Heating controls vents was a Piece of Cake and this thing looks amazing

    Screen: Fast and gorgeous responsive, seems very good in bright sunlight

    capacitive buttons:, work well , Reset and reprogrammed and much better. Also Illumination is working with custom colors.

    Well Documented low volume buzz... Yep it's there, goes away if you mute the radio. Will look for setting to reduce perhaps as well as talk to IDoing

    Harman Kardon Canbus, Works plug and play. One issue that may be related is the Fade controls don't really work to fade to rear as they mute the rear, while balance controls work fine... Talking to IDoing now and they just confirmed that any factory amp radio has this issue.

    Wifi 5ghz tether, works flawlessly, get 50mbit off my cell. Not the fastest but more than good enough

    Play store/google account setup: works flawlessly. Have installed several apps already

    Waze/GPS: works flawlessly

    USB: 3 dongles, all work for USB Drives, haven't tested for phone connection

    Flac: Works off all 3 usb(one main reason I went with this unit)

    4g: Working well with t-mobile, not working with verizon. Verizon shows as full bars, bars when I went more urban, but there are no APN settings and I cant get data to work.

    Bluetooth audio: works ok, sound doesn't seem fantastic, but i will probably never use.

    Android Auto: Wired works great, can't get wireless to work even though my phone says the head unit supports it. Wired it's very fast and responsive and looks great.

    Carplay: works wired and woreless, didn't test much as I don't use apple except for app testing.

    Fubo/Video: Works very well screen is gorgeous

    Developer options: IDoing gave me codes

    Launcher: Pretty flexible with different options.

    Got USB Debugging, ADB to work today. In developer setting there is 3 "..." at the top, in there is USB mode, top is host mode, bottom is device mode(ADB).

    Once I got ADB going I got SystemUITuner granted permissions to control immersive mode for Waze and the like.

    Custom Launcher: Got custom launchers working with a trick to use the setting in Nova to set default launcher. Now Rocking Car Web Guru launcher. Also Like Car Launcher Free Version.

    Split screen : woks well and is even remembered as last view on soft boot.

    Geekbench: 500+, 1300+ very pleased.

    android auto with Head unit reloaded: tested with dev server method. Works well with wireless, but UI layout is pretty bad.

    Console USB Adapter: Bought from amazon, works perfectly. Now 4 functioning USB

    USB access for File Manager : doesn't work yet

    Music Apps: do have access to USB

    Automation: Used Macrodroid to start Android auto whenever the phone usb is plugged in, or to start spotifiy if no usb and wifi connects. Will do some more of these.

    Bummed about the rear speaker control, will have to see how much it affects my listening, found subwoofer control an tweaked EQ, sound is quite nice, still wish fade worked. Ok next note to others, make sure you calibrate your EQ with your back seats up. I forgot I had put them down to get my bike in and that was half my disappointment with the sound. Yes I still wish I had fade, but this thing sounds Really nice once dialed in.

    The buzz is "irritating" that it exists, but unlikely a real issue for me.. Totally inaudible when car is running.
    Otherwise this thing is pretty sweet so far.
    After a lot of reviews and reading I just ordered a 9" Idoing with CanBus for my 2018 WRX with Harman Kardon. A lot of positive reviews from WRX owners, but not seeing a lot of love(or hate) for the Idoing hear on XDA. It's nearly identical to the Joying, but Joying will not support the HK system in my car.

    The system is an android 10, UIS 7862 4+64.

    I'm curious what custom options I have in terms of UI, ROMs, Root,, apps?
    I'm guessing from what I read(or lack there of) ROMs are a no go, but what about root and other customization options?

    Sorry long time rooter and custom ROM user for android phones and tablets, but total noob to android head units.

    I have a Kenwood with wireless android auto in my old car and was going to move it to this one, but absolutely hate Android Auto almost as much as I hate mirrorlink in the stock HU in my WRX(shame on you subaru). Also the kit to install it from crutchfield cost nearly as much as the android unit and canbus shipped from china, so figured i'd take a chance.

    If it doesn't work out I'll go with the kenwood, but really hopeful this will be a winner. I spent a lot of time on chat with them and they are extremely responsive to questions(really like live chat) where a question to Joying took 3 days to get a response.

    I know there is little chance the 4G module will work in the US(IDoing says it works with tmobile) so expecting to use wifi tether with my phone with native apps and pretend android auto doesn't exist. Other option is put a spare phone with sim permanently connected to USB, but unsure if USB tether will work.

    I will keep reading, but any thoughts or pointers are welcome. Just don't tell me to replace my HK system, I know not everyone likes it, but I love it ;-)

    FAIR WARNING!!!! After a year with no issue, My IDoing fried itself today!! I was driving and it shut down and for about 1 minute I could smell burnt electronics. This was a plug n play install so no cutting, no splicing, no soldering. I am in the process of seeing what IDoing will do for me, but I expect the answer is nothing since it is now over a year old.

    Update: Well at least IDoing is talking to me. I pulled the unit out today and put the Stock stereo back in(UGGGH). At least nothing else got fried.

    Update 2: So they are saying that they want me to pull the unit off the mounting trim and mail it to them and they will send me a knew one. I'm assuming this is going to cost me 100 bucks in shipping and need to wait a month or more, but it's better response than I expect.

    Update 3: They "say" that once I give them tracking number for the unit, they will ship new unit and all i have to pay for is return shipping(30 dollars)

    Final Update: Well it cost me a lot more than the USPS web site inferred (85 dollars), but they shipped a replacement the same day I gave them the tracking for the return. New unit showed up in just over a week, Unit looks new installed in less than an hour and all works great, software looks to be nearly identical except the AA software that it came with support wireless out of the box, so small bons. Unfortunate the original unit fried itself after a year, but considering it was out of warranty I have to commend Idoing on how they handled this, now I just need to remember all the tweaks I had installed ;-)
    Roms, you have 2 options both are "Lite" versions meaning you have to buy the other features.

    No real need for twrp.

    Best bet make sure it works with Android auto wireless
    Also pay close attention to the button layouts for the different types of screens.
    Most development will be in the "Android auto" fourm
    Also ask the seller to provided the zlink activation codes
    Hmm, I'm curious why I would use AA at all with this as opposed to running apps on the unit with wifi tether? I've used AA Mirror in the past with my kenwood, but would prefer to avoid that path if possible.

    It should work with AA, but not wireless as far as I know.
    Hi gottahavit,

    I was just looking at this model on aliexpress and this post comes in just in time as you would say. I have a 2017 STI with no HK

    What is your experience with the Mic for calls? does it retain the factory mic or do we have to plug in a new one?
    You mention codes for Dev, can you share these?
    The console USB Adapter - Which one did you use? do you have a link?
    Have you tested ODB2 with apps like Torque?
    The External GPS antenna is it required for it to work?
    What about the 4G antennas?

    thanks so much!
    So first, IDoing have been fantastic in helping with the right purchase and the support, but that said this suffers from a lot of issues the other MFG units do. If you had HK I'd def recommend the IDoing as it's plug and play works great.

    However if you don't have the HK I might suggest you get a version with optical or coax out. I think Joying and Daisata sell the same unit but with one or the other cabling.

    I don't really make calls, but have tested a couple and was told the mic is ok. No you can't keep the stock mic or GPS.
    Codes:3368 for factory, 7171 for Launchers
    USB: works perfectly.
    No ODB2 here, should be the same as the Joying in another thread.
    You need the GPS if you want waze or maps on the unit vs AA or Carplay. I just mounted it on the top of the unit and it works great.
    4G works fine with Tmobile, I tested with a Mint mobile trial, but cannot get proper APNs in for Verizon SIm to work(still on my hit list)

    I recommend the coax as so many of these unit suffer from some form of ground loop interference which is just annoying even if it doesn't really affect the sound. I had no choice given the HK system

    Even with the HK this thing cranks our a lot more power than the POS subaru unit..

    These things are great and all the work of install is getting the old unit out. It's not perfect but leaps and bounds above stock.

    The other reason to go with Joying is you'll get more support here than you will with the IDoing(very specialized to subaru).

    If you do buy from IDoing just chat with them first they will help you pick the proper unit and any canbus for your car.

    I would definitely go with the UIS7862 version, as this thing is fast!