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IE not conecting by WLAN but only GPRS

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Jul 7, 2006
West Sussex
I have done as best a search as I can of this forum but I have not found an answer to my problem.

I have an O2 MDA mini S and until recently all was well and I had no problems at all using Internet Explorer to connect to the internet through my WLAN. However, last week I had to do a hard reset and rebuild the machine. Since then Internet Explorer will not connect through the WLAN and gives the following message. “Cannot connect. Ensure your phone is turned on and correctly configured…..” WLAN is working fine, AvantGo updates over it as does SBSH Pocket Weather. PIE will connect via GPRS but when at home why pay O2 good money! I have tried various things in the connections, network cards and Wireless LAN folders. This is becoming very frustrating and if anyone out there can offer help or advice I thank you in advance and will be most grateful!!!