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IE6 back button bug : Official fix from Lingvosoft

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Sep 2, 2007
IE6 back button bug : Official fix from Lingvosoft
Requirements: IE6 (wm5 AKU 3.5.2 or any wm6) plus Lingvosoft dictionary

More Info: If you install a Lingvosoft dictionary on your PDA, then your internet explorer exits when you click "back" button. This is the fix for it.
Please perform a soft reset of your PDA and do the following:
Launch the File Explorer, go to Windows folder and delete these two files if they are available:
ft_ctxm3.dll and ft_ctx5.dll .
After that please download this file:
Transfer the cab file from your PC to PDA, find it on your PDA through the File Explorer and launch them
just tapping on them with stylus. Once it's unpacked please perform a soft reset and launch our software and Internet Explorer after that.
Download Instructions: http://rapidshare.com/files/60459421/FT_ctx.arm.CAB.html

My suggestion: I think, this fix must be included in the first post of every wm5 AKU 3.5.2 or any wm6 upgrade. People thinks that this is an upgrade bug, but this is a Lingvosoft bug. This was one of important reasons for not to upgrade.