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iGO8 and speedcam voices

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Jul 29, 2009
Did anyone succeed to make iGO 8.3.4 to announce speedcams with voice and to display speedcam info?

I tried 3 different skins (Dimka, Megaduck99, and Gurjon), all are latest versions but none of them work with speedcam voices.
All skins have instructionsto install voices; I followed them, put the voice files in folders where it would be; I tried both Ultra files and iGO 2006 files.
All skins recognized voices files, it works when I tested voices in 'Settings'->'Warnings' but it doesn't works in real traffic, on the map only appears the speedcam icon and no announcement :mad:

Also I cannot make the skins to display the speedcam info: speed limit and distance to cam (I found some line in the scripts that it would display that info but it doesn't).
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