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    Hello there! I've been working on a new kernel for the Redmi Note 9s that I think our community will enjoy. I hope to bring a new viewpoint to kernel development that hasn't been seen previously in the dev community.


    I just wanted to start off with the goal of my kernel. Illyrian Kernel which is based off of draco kernel isn't a feature-rich kernel, nor is it a performance-bias or power-bias kernel. Illyrian Kernel includes a collection of innovative commits, designed to improve the efficiency of the device. Ideally, I will keep Illyrian kernel up-to-date.

    -Weird manufacturer error on bootup, only pops up once after every restart (miui only) - FIXED

    Has been upstreamed to the latest v4.14.183 linux kernel stable

    Basic Features
    - Minimal debugging and tracing
    - No messy upstreams / backports that might cause issues down the line
    - Latency focused
    - Anxiety I/O scheduler
    - Scheduler tweaks and hacks
    - CPU governor adjustments
    - ZERO in-kernel boosting while maintaining a smooth userspace

    Advanced Features

    This is just from the first official beta, so this list may change in the future.

    - Remove AVB checks
    - Disable SECCOMP (faster syscalls)
    - Disable Audit (expensive in Android)
    - Use non-blocking random pool
    - Target small cluster in Makefile
    - Disable IRQ debugging
    - Don't use high-priority workqueue for usb policy_engine
    - Disable profiling (kdrag0n)
    - Anxiety I/O scheduler (sync read priority)
    - Schedule last-woken task for better cache locality
    - Reduce cache pressure to keep cache valid for longer
    - Increase vmstat interval to reduce intermittent jitter
    - Adjust dirty ratios to writeback dirty pages later rather than sooner
    - Do not collect I/O stats from block subsystem
    - Don't dump oom_killed tasks
    - Do not use UFS for randomness
    - Disable ASLR fully by default (performance not benchmarked)
    - Disable JTAG debugging by default
    - Inform kcompact of fragmentation moreso than full RAM usage
    - Do not compile HIGHMEM (unused by our system)
    - Awaken kswapd at 1% (80mb free left) instead of 0.1% (8mb free left)
    - Do not compile watchdog (reduces jitter)
    - BFP JIT (better networking performance)
    - Force block requests to execute on their origin cpu (better cache locality)
    - Increase haptic strength
    - Allow GPU to sleep / nap
    - Do not compile zRAM (unnecessary for this kernels MM settings)
    - Do not perform readahead (proven to improve power and performance by 70%)
    - Align scheduler timeslices with jiffies
    - Overcommit memory for faster Android start times
    - Remove a bunch of debug and tracing that is unnecessary for the kernel
    - Remove schedutil hispeed boosting
    - Remove iowait boosting (saves a large amount of battery)
    - Do not expedite RCU
    - Halve round-robin timeslices
    - Expedite wakelock garbage collection
    - Lower I/O request limit for lower latency
    - More that I forgot

    https://t.me/illyriankernel - join here for missing files and past kernels :)

    GitHub (no sign in): https://github.com/QuantumShqipe/illyrian_redmi_curtana

    If experiencing any problems in terms of flashing on global or freezing on eu:
    Use this for eu fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EV88RGWwMgAdDgMNKRnJmHEeWRMOdlz4/view?usp=sharing
    Use this for global fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b6D_eLfvCbHumwqRQqTl-7xQAP7PEmEM/view?usp=sharing

    I love user feedback; it helps me improve my work for the better.

    Feel free to donate if you like my work :)

    - Toolchain: Clang r365631c (subject to updates)
    - Toolchain (companion): GCC 4.9
    - Main branch: Android-10.0
    - Kernel Version: 4.14.187+
    • Kernel upstreamed to v4.14.187
    • Using pure PELT
    • Added BBR TCP congestion control
    • Added wireguard support
    • Added kmem patches
    • Added UserSpace lmk from coral
    • Fixed battery drain issues
    • Bluetooth fully functioning now
    • Other bug fixes and improvements
    • Much cooler device


    Feel free to donate if you like my work ;) https://paypal.me/drtechlc
    Sorry guys i am discontinuing all my work - and no longer will be developing for this device, it's taking up too much of my time nor do i have the money to sustain my work tools to a working level, so you as a community have two options:
    You can either donate to me so i can replace my parts and i can happily continue (however no one should be forced it's my fault i don't have enough money for these things)
    Or you can just forget about me and wait for some one else to bring official roms

    Furthermore i will be leaving the forum open to allow others to discuss

    Many thanks to all donations and everyone else who has been a great support - but i cannot continue with the help from this community - thanks again!
    Download: 14/06/2020

    *No more lag or stuttering in eu rom
    *PM / suspend: Default to suspend-to-idle instead of deep suspend
    *qos: Don't allow userspace to impose restrictions on CPU idle levels
    *proc: task_mmu: Make reclaim_pte_range non-static
    New kernel build up 13/06/2020:

    *Added lots of powersaving commits etc
    *fake system calls on seccomp to succeed
    *A few commits with ram/storage/performance optimizations etc

    No more lagging or stuttering :)

    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rXtIN4-j4wsN6gkeGfmuqi0MNR8IQ4XV/view?usp=sharing
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