I'm looking for a copy of the partition to LMV600TM30A

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    First of, whether you are at XDA from 2007 or before is irrelevant. As for LG fixing an intentionally misused product does not make any sense particularly when LG’s own email (uploaded by @hooutoo) proves it otherwise. Rejection of OP’s job fits right inline with what the email clearly mentions. And don’t forget @Commander_Bond was at LG doing the same technical work.

    it is possible that LG might have inadvertently overlooked @hooutoo’s case and fixed his phone. But for him to make a blanket statement that LG will repair a phone now (even if it was misused) as long as one pays for the service is incorrect.

    If I take your argument that may be LG was doing this “extraordinar courtesy“ few years ago does not help anyone since we are talking about now NOT years ago. Even that makes no sense because if that had been the case in the past then why their email (sent to @hooutoo) clearly denies any service to misused phone.

    Insulting individuals as @hooutoo has repeatedly done in this thread should frankly get him banned.
    Just deal with your problems yourself, man! You have saturated this board to the hilt.
    Your argument that you have been so helpful in the past at XDA, so your words are like holy grail MAKES ME LAUGH!


    I am not going to engage in this stupidity with you! Enough said!! Peace.
    Well they certainly repaired mine as you can plainly see. Again, I knew what my imei number was as you can plainly see and they repaired it. Why don't you have the OP post his repair email from LG? I for one would certainly like to SEE it.

    And last but not least, why don't you stop with all the talk talk talk and actually post something that helps people here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't seen you make one contribution to this board. BTW you can plainly see how many a*SSes my posts have saved.

    Put up or shut up!
    This is a little PM from Audio_Lover , sent to me, who was too cowardly to post this out in the open on this board.

    "A great speech on how LG can fix the guy's missing IMEI number (that he lost due to partition deletion). Your attack on @Commander_Bond was so full of bullshit that I decided to not to blast you publicly to retain your whatever image in the community! As it turns out the guy was rejected the service by LG as was predicted by @Commander_Bond!

    Do us a favor and keep your so called all knowledge to yourself. That will protect us all!!"


    I stand by every damn word I said. As stated in my previous post on this subject. I erased my imei on my first lmv600am about a year ago.

    Leronex_1 tried to fix my phone but it didn't work out due to the fact that at that point no one had really figured it out YET? I then spoke with LG, start a repair ticket and mailed them my phone. This is worth repeating.... I KNEW WHAT MY IMEI NUMBER WAS. So I included it with the phone in an attached note. They reloaded the software including the new Lun5 files with my original imei. As luck would have I found the orginal "Inspection & Test Completed" email sent to me from LG which i've attached.

    So the next time you boys, who have added absolutely nothing to this board but talk, wana spread BS, remember, real world experience counts. I have it and I know Leronex_1 has it.