I'm Roaming... OR AM I?!

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Sep 23, 2010
Having a weird issue with a custom ROM I'm trying to install. I've got a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and I'm trying to load an unofficial version of Pixel Experience. It hasn't been a totally smooth ride, as I need to pre-load a Xiaomi ROM before I can load PE and it took some trial and error, but I got there (see here https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-mix-3/development/rom-unofficial-pixel-experience-p-t3882080 - I spent many hours today reading every comment to see if anyone else had my issue; they don't).

So far, everything is smooth and working as expected, EXCEPT the mobile data thinks I'm roaming. I'm not. I'm in Austria with my Austrian SIM. On the mobile internet icon I have the familiar 'r' logo next to the bars, and I cannot get mobile internet unless I tick 'allow roaming'. If I go to *#*#4636#*#* and go to phone information, sure enough it says I'm roaming there too.

The weird part is, not only do I not have this issue on the stock ROM, I don't have the issue with the Xiaomi ROM I had to pre-load before PE -- they both recognise my SIM fine and consider me not roaming. Furthermore, I get this issue with other custom ROMs loaded on-top (AOSP and ArrowOS -- using the same pre/base ROM). It's clear this is either an issue with the base ROM I'm using (although weird that I don't have an issue before I load the intended custom ROM on top), or some configuration issue once I load the intended custom ROM on top of the base ROM. To make things harder, I'm limited in what base ROM I can use as this process is pretty picky, and one wrong move and I get a boot-loop and have to start again.

Any idea on what this could be, or if anyone has experienced this before? Better yet, any solution would be great!